Cooking Ingredient:Please select an ingredient native the list below. A thickness is required for converting between grams and also cups. Click "add own" to incorporate your own density figure.-- list of ingredients --Water (pure)All purpose flourAlmond flourBread flourCake flourPastry flourWhole wheat flourBaking powderBaking soda (bicarb)Sourdough starterBrown street (packed)Granulated sugarPowdered street (unsift)Raw cane sugarHoneyMaple syrupSteviaButterCannabis oil (pure)LardMargarineCoconut oilOlive oilPalm oilRapeseed oilSunflower oilMilkMilk (condensed)Milk (evaporated)Light creamHeavy creamWhipped creamYogurt (Greek)Almonds (whole)Almonds (chopped)Cashew nutsPeanuts, not shelledPeanuts, shelledPecan nutsSunflower seedsWalnutsApplesAvocado (cubes)Avocado (pureed)Corn, gritsCorn, top top the cobCorn, shelledPotatoes (white)Alcohol, pure (ethanol)BranBreadcrumbsChocolate (grated)Chocolate chipsCinnamonCocoa powderCoconut, shreddedCoffee (ground)Cumin (powdered)Currants (dried)Dried fruitsFruit juiceJamMascarponeMayonnaiseOatsOats, rolledPeanut butterRice (hulled)Rice (rough)Ricotta cheeseRyeSalt, fineTurmericYeastYogurt (plain)add own
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Convert in between grams and also cups for flour, sugar, butter, cream and many much more baking cooking recipes ingredients. We additionally have a featured short article discussing how plenty of grams are in a cup.

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Grams to cups for flour

These switch assume that your flour is spooned right into the cup. Your cup may contain 15% an ext flour if you usage the "dip and also sweep" method,so you might wish to take into consideration decreasing the lot in your cup by 15% if you usage "dip and sweep".

Grams that flourCups (US)Cups (approx fraction)
10g0.08 cups1/10 cup
20g0.16 cups1/5 cup
30g0.24 cups1/4 cup
40g0.32 cups1/3 cup
50g0.4 cups2/5 cup
100g0.8 cups4/5 cup
150g1.2 cups1 and 1/5 cups
200g1.6 cups1 and also 3/5 cups
250g2 cups2 cups
300g2.4 cups2 and also 2/5 cups
350g2.8 cups2 and 4/5 cups
400g3.2 cups3 and 1/5 cups
450g3.6 cups3 and also 3/5 cups
500g4 cups4 cups
Note: conversions space for united state cups (236.6ml) and all purpose flour

Grams to cups for sugar

These conversions i think you space spooning your sugar into the cup. It"s precious noting the if you usage the "dip and sweep" method, your cup may contain 15% an ext sugar thanif you spoon your sugar in, so you may wish to take into consideration decreasing your cup amount accordingly.

Grams of sugarCups (US)Cups (approx fraction)
10g0.05 cups1/20 cup
20g0.1 cups1/10 cup
30g0.15 cups3/20 cup
40g0.2 cups1/5 cup
50g0.25 cups2/5 cup
100g0.5 cups1/2 cup
150g0.75 cups3/4 cup
200g1 cup1 cup
250g1.25 cups1 and 1/4 cups
300g1.5 cups1 and 1/2 cups
350g1.75 cups1 and also 3/4 cups
400g2 cups2 cups
450g2.25 cups2 and 1/4 cups
500g2.5 cups2 and 1/2 cups
Note: conversions are for us cups (236.6ml) for granulated sugar

Ingredient (100g)Cups (US)Cups (approx fraction)
Flour0.8 cups4/5 cup
Sugar - granulated0.5 cups1/2 cup
Sugar - brown, packed0.51 cups1/2 cup
Butter0.44 cups2/5 cup
These conversions assume that your ingredient is spooned into the cup.

100 grams of flour to cups

Question: How countless cups consist of 100 grams that all function flour?

100 grams the all function flour is identical to 0.8 cups, or 4/5 that a cup (US).

500 grams come cups

Ingredient (500g)Cups (US)Cups (fraction)
Flour4 cups4 cups
Sugar - granulated2.5 cups2 and 1/2 cup
Sugar - brown, packed2.5 cups2 and also 1/2 cup
Butter2.2 cups2 and also 1/5 cups
These switch assume the your ingredient is spooned right into the cup.

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Other baking conversions

To convert between other units connected in baking, such as grams, pounds, tablespoons, teaspoons and also more, giveour cooking converter a try.

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