The building of 12305 fifth Helena drive is located in Brentwood, Los Angeles. In February 1962, Marilyn Monore to buy the property. However, simply six month later, on respectable 5 1962, she was found dead in she bedroom native a barbiturate overdose in ~ the period of 36.

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12305 5th Helena journey as viewed from the backyard, the residential property in i beg your pardon Marilyn Monroe died.

12305 5th Helena drive is a one-story, Hacienda-style house that sits on 2,900 square feet at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac simply off mountain Vicente Boulevard.

An aerial see of the property, the ago yard and pool is come the ideal of the photo.


How the residential property looked when Marilyn bought 12305 5th Helena drive in 1962.

Built in 1929, the L-shaped property attributes four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a swimming pool, and also a citrus grove. When the front yard may be rather small, the backyard more than makes up because that it. I m sorry is why it shows up most image of the property appear to be taken from the back.


The living room as it looked once Marilyn Monore live there.


The kitchen as it looked once Marilyn Monroe live there in 1962.

In 1962 the home was purchased by Marilyn because that $77,500. She supposedly paid fifty percent in cash, v the other fifty percent being mortgaged. While Marilyn appeared very happy in ~ the home, she would unfortunately just live there for six months prior to tragedy struck.

It was extensively reported the the day after Marilyn died, at the very least six completing purchase supplies were made on the house. A bidding battle ensued, climate in 1963 the Nunez family came to be the owners and purchased much of the content left within the house. Many of which to be auctioned off in 1997.

Even today, furniture belonging to Marily sells because that a the majority of money. A chair provided in the critical photoshoot Marilyn did at she Brentwood residence sold in 2012 for $28,000.


Marilyn Monroe throughout her final photoshoot at her Brentwood home. The chair she is satellite on would later sell because that $28,000.

Although numerous of the home’s architectural features remain undamaged today (such together the door arches, ceiling beams, some windows, and also some that the flooring), the kitchen and also bathroom are nearly unrecognizable indigenous Marilyn’s days.

The 2010 listing, in which the property sold because that $5.1 million, mirrors just how much the building had readjusted by then.

The living room as it looked in 2010, bring away from almost the precise same angle together one take away in 1962 (found previously in the article).

In 2017 the residence at 12305 5th Helena drive went ago on the market again. This time offering for $7.25 million, $350,000 over the asking price. Simply a day prior to what would have actually been Marilyn’s 91st birthday.

While the residential property is still recognizable together the one Marilyn Monroe live in, now more than 50 year on, some significant changes have taken ar over the years. The guest house and main house have actually been join together. With numerous rooms added, however not easily accessible through the key house.

Other transforms include the door come Marilyn’s bedroom being relocated to a various wall, as well as the obvious bathroom and kitchen renovations. The property likewise has a coat of arms at the prior door which reads “Cursum Perficio”, which method “My trip Ends Here” in Latin.

One that the rooms checked out earlier. Not much has actually changed, the distinctive fireplace is quiet in the corner of the room.

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Unfortunately, we have been can not to find a photograph of Marilyn’s bedroom from the 2017 listing. It would have actually been pretty to check out if the bedroom had adjusted any an ext since the 2010 photo.