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Additional Information: starrkingschool.net files indicate the there are mailing addresses in main Ohio for this business, and those addresss room affiliated through a service office in Tennessee that handles credit transaction card and also billing accounts for countless other sleeve businesses including:AccentsAdded DimensionsAffordable Dynamic credit transaction CardAmerica"s Diamond & yellow CardAndrew"s JewelersB. Mo…Read More
Years in Business: 209

This rating reflects starrkingschool.net's opinion about the entire organization's interactions through its customers, including interactions with local locations.

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All client reviews space handled by the starrkingschool.net wherein the firm is Headquartered or a main customer review handling location.

Average of 367 client Reviews

All complaints are handled through the starrkingschool.net wherein the agency is Headquartered or a main customer complaint processing location.

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Years in Business: 209

This rating reflects starrkingschool.net's opinion about the entire organization's interactions with its customers, consisting of interactions with neighborhood locations.

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Business ManagementMr. Richard Mell, OfficerMr. Lamar Garren, evil President/General ManagerMs. Libby Pachol, Manager of top quality AssuranceMr. Doug Rima, ManagerMs. Kathy H Reiter, Manager of top quality AssuranceMs. Mar Osthus, an elderly ManagerMr. Vikram Pandit, Chief executive, management Officer
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