The 1854 Liberty Head $20 gold Coin only produced one million coins, which makes them amongst the scarcer problems in the series. The us Mint, because being established in the so late 1700s, has risen come the ranks of the most well-known mints in the world. Not only tasked with creating the coinage the the joined States, the mint has additionally been tasked through the production of coins for countries all over the world.

The 1854-O double eagle is one of the most popular and also rarest routinely issued business-strike gold coins indigenous the pre-1933 era. While the main mintage stand at much more than 3,200 pieces, perhaps just under 30 coins exist this day This is due largely to melting and natural attrition. Back in the 1850s, there was essentially no attention in collecting or conserving coins through mintmark, and also thus no one were intentionally saved for the objectives of preserving any type of representative specimens that the issue.

Grading the 1854 Liberty Head $20 gold Coin

When it concerns collecting Liberty Head $20 yellow Coins, the first thing a collector will look at is the condition the coin is in overall. Being end a century and also a ½ old, that is quite noticeable that this coins have had ample possibility to come to be damaged. This is why, before making a purchase, girlfriend will see collectors carefully analyze every aspect of the coin in search of also the the smallest imperfections.

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One alternative with regard come assessing the condition of a coin is to send the away for grading. Expertise that no everyone has actually the time and money to be able to do this, we have detailed below a listing the the different popular coin grades as well as their connected characteristics.

Uncirculated: A coin that is graded together being Uncirculated is one that invested no time at all changing hands or paying for goods. Instead, shortly after being produced these coins to be put into safekeeping and also kept out of harm’s way. Because of this, they space in absolutely perfect condition and also are the apologize of every collector’s eye.

Extremely Fine: A coin that has actually been established to be exceptionally Fine is one that spent a very limited amount that time in circulation. Thanks to this restricted circulation, the coin in question will have actually retained most of its initial shine and also texture. Together you could expect, this coins are extremely popular because that collectors.

Fine: A coin the is graded as being fine is one that spent a good bit that time gift circulated, yet did not incur all that much damages during that time. Personally from some slight however consistent scratching, this coins will appear to be in kind shape. You might even notice that the surface ar of good coins will have actually been worn under a bit because of excessive handling.

Good: an excellent is the lowest grade a coin deserve to receive and also is normally indicative of a coin that was in circulated for over a century. This coins will have plenty of wear and other types of damage including chipping, bending, and also heavy scratching. Though in bad shape, a collector looking to put together a complete collection of Liberty Head $20 yellow Coin could be interested in a item like this.

Pricing the 1854 Liberty Head $20 yellow Coin

If you space attempting to number out just what you could be asked come pay for a 1854 Liberty Head $20 yellow Coin, there space a couple of things you need to pay attention to. First, due to the fact that multiple types of the coin were created annually, the exact form you own and also its connected scarcity will certainly play very heavily right into the price friend pay. Secondly, since the coin is therefore old, you must pay fist to that is condition. With aid from the graph below, girlfriend can obtain a better idea that what you might be asked to pay because that a 1854 Liberty Head $20 yellow Coin given its type and condition.

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Liberty Head $20 yellow Coin

1854 Liberty Head $20 yellow CoinN/A$65$2,250$2,850
1854 Liberty Head $20 yellow Coin (O)N/AN/A$260,000$485,000
1854 Liberty Head $20 yellow Coin (S)N/AN/A$4,000$8,500
Source: Red Book

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