I have actually recieved two various answers to this question. One was a diagram mirroring it under the dash in the convience center. The various other was a diagram reflecting it under the hood top top the fire wall. I recognize it have to be one or the other yet not both. Deserve to someone you re welcome help?1994 s10 type blazer vortec v6 vin# 1GNDT13W2R2114752

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right here is a overview to assist test the relay witt he relay ar in the diagrams below.https://www.starrkingschool.net/articles/how-to-check-an-electrical-relay-and-wiring-control-circuitCheck the end the diagrams (Below). Please let us know what happens.


There must be other disconnected or some other explanation because that that. They never install extra relays.
deserve to you call me wherein the fuel pump relay is located on a 1994 s10 blazer. I just replaced the pump & there is no power to the pump, the fuses to be good. I require your help. If i spray part gas i the engine the starts right up only for a few seconds. The not obtaining gas.ThanksFrank
I have actually a 1994 S10 blazer and also I am trying to figure out whereby the fuel pump relay is have the right to someone assist me out?
Hello, 4.3 vin Z, my details shows, under the hood, firewall, driver side of brake booster. When in doubt about the relay, look in ~ the cable colors in ~ the connector, DK green/white, gray, orange, black/ white.The info also shows an oil pressure switch in the fuel pump circuit. Once you crank it sufficient to bring up oil pressure and also the switch closes, the pump have to run, also without the relay. The info likewise shows a prime connector, about the center of the firewall, gray wire with connector, if you use an inline fuse ~ above a jumper and also run B+ come the connector, the pump must run, friend don"t have to use the key.

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1993 Chevy T10 4X4 4 door Blazer w/4.3L Vortec engine w/W code in vin #.I parked the truck one day and it wouldn’t begin the following day. Ns noticed that the fuel pump wasn’t making any kind of sound as soon as I turning on the ignition key. So ns disconnected the wiring plug at the behind of the tank and also connected 12 volts from another source (trailer hitch light plug) to the fuel pump. Still, there was no sound native the fuel pump. I then purchase a new after market fuel pump and also tested come make certain it work and it was fine. After I inserted the pump and reinstalled the pump, still didn’t work. Twin checked the wires making sure they where all connected. Re-tested the old fuel pump top top the battery and also it tho didn’t work. Now, I need to think it shed out the fuel relay. Ns tested the cable to the tank through my OHM meter and there is just 8.46 volt going to the fuel pump. My question is can you aid me whereby the fuel pump is located and also if girlfriend have one more suggestion the might help me v this difficulty would surely be appreciated.Thank you’Brian