The arrow on the Temp. Control, Flash all the method across, won't adjust heat.I have replaced the manage unit and also it go the very same thing. Is over there some sort of relay to open the heater core? I'm stumped.

watch if the actuator ns pointed to in the pic is working that may be your problem. Right here are tow travel guide to help you deal with the problem.

You are watching: 1994 gmc sierra blend door actuator out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize what friend find. We space interested to see what it is.

A/c doesnt obtain cold heat doesnt gain hot. Waiting sounds favor it shud b blowin hard however its barely comin out. Cant even feel it on short setting. Have the right to still hear that tho. Readjusted thermostat and flushed core?Please help

Actually, the sounds choose there is a trouble with the blend air door. This door is close to the heater core. Its project is to rotate one direction to enable the pan to blow air with the heater core and also heat the vehicle, and the various other direction is because that the AC to cool the vehicle. Based on your description, it sounds like it is stuck in the middle. Therefore, friend don"t get an excellent AC or heat and also there is much less air start the vehicle.
how do I obtain to this door and I have read something around a blend door actuator is that the same thing? that is a digital control if that matters.
It will certainly be beside the heater core. The actuator is the an equipment that move the door. Yes, it can be bad.
What about the mix door motor? and also is over there a means to phone call which one it is. As soon as pushing buttons top top the manage panel I can hear clicks coming from something near the heater core
everything may be working however need adjustment. You require to try it when you inspect the part. If friend hear it, opportunities are something is disconnected or out of adjustment.
yes s its no the blend door. Uncovered its functioning smoothly. Back there to be a device unplugged. Plugged it back in (into a crate that looked favor the actuator crate in the fron but this was in ago (motor side) ) after ~ plugging the in package mad a according to clicking noise till we unplegged it. Any type of ideas
Truck detailed Above V6 3.5, Heater Vent worth Cabin Sticks periodically Open had Heat. Occasionally Close No Heat. Only 196,000 Kms.
Step 1 - A heater cannot operate unless the engine is complete of coolant/antifreeze.If coolant level is low inspect the device for leaks.
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Coolant Leaking From pipe Under Ac system In Engine Area. Heater core Bad? What The Easiest way To change Heater Core?
My Heater main point Is Leaking Coolant into The Cab Of my Truck and Underneath mine Heater main point Is A small Puddle the Coolant Every Day when I Go...

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