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Is the fuel pump relay situated in the maxi fuse crate under the hood? If so, i m sorry one? Also, is over there a difference between a fuel pump relay and a fuel pump fuse? If for this reason what is the ar of the fuse? do I must remove both? I have read the write-ups in the Lesabre and also Park path forums and also I am still :confused:. My score to is to readjust the fuel filter and also I would certainly like additionally like to try and use a fuel injection cannister cleaner (like they usage at the dealership). Right here is a pic from an additional post:http://www2.propichosting.com/Images/421618027/0.jpgThe maxi fuse box type of looks choose this but not quite. If i can obtain my digital camera to occupational I will write-up a pic.Any assist would be appreciated. Thank you.
Here is a pic from an additional post:http://www2.propichosting.com/Images/421618027/0.jpg The facility in the picture is ~ above the passenger next A column under the dash. Take turn off the thin plastic hush panel and it"s appropriate there. The earlier of the hush panel will have a diagram of the fuse and relay locations. I am not certain if that"s on the 92-95 models. That is on mine 98 in the location.I don"t understand what you"re wanting to perform with the cannister.
on mine 93 and my mother 94 it in the place as said below the gloves box in the fuse panel you can pull the fuse it a 20amp look in ~ the diagram on the access panel
I don"t recognize what you"re wanting to do with the canister.he wants to disable the fuel pump so he deserve to use the pressurized deserve to of aerosole cleaner right into the fuel rail...http://econtent.autozone.com:24991/znetrgs/repair_guide_content/en_us/images//0900c152/80/0b/1e/95//medium/0900c152800b1e95.gifand here"s a backyard-mechanic method to relax the push in the rail before servicing (of food after you open up the gas cap, traction the relay and also crank the engine a few times)http://econtent.autozone.com:24991/znetrgs/repair_guide_content/en_us/images//0900c152/80/0b/1e/8f//medium/0900c152800b1e8f.gifthen instead of that gauge on the port, he"ll introduce the cleaner canister instead:http://www.berrymanproducts.com/Portals/0/uploads/CANASTER.gifLOL, clock this youtube vid link... However it"s just that straightforward to do!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKGI9N_yWd0...............................another type of kit allows you come inject a cleaner v the accelerator body:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX5J5kZLTw4&feature=relatedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX5J5kZLTw4&feature=relatedLOL... Exactly how old is this vid:rofl:or u have the right to do it also cheaper utilizing seafoam & some tubing:here"s one example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3s0nJ3pFHY&feature=related
he desires to disable the fuel pump so he deserve to use the pressurized can of aerosole cleaner right into the fuel rail... Thank you. Currently I view where we"re going. My ide is to usage a few tank fulls that a surname brand premium petrol only due to the fact that it has much more detergents in the supposedly and also put in a 20 oz size have the right to of Techron Fuel device cleaner available at development Auto or Meijers or Walmart. Walmart has actually only 12oz cans ($5.95) so use 1.5 cans for 18 gallons the fuel.Let that clean the injectors. Once fuel tank is low, repeat through one much more tank the premium. Lots easier and also it will surely clean things. I"d readjust the fuel filter AFTER i ran the Techron in instance it moves stuff from the tank come the filter.Looks lots cheaper and easier.
Thank you because that the great responses and also explanations. Through all your help I to be able to figure it out today. I managed to eliminate fuse #6 and it did shut down the auto (I will tackle removing the relay later in the week). What is the difference between the relay and fuse? In other vehicles, ns have constantly removed the fuel pump relay before transforming the fuel filter and the car/truck ultimately "sputters" down.Also, what happens when you remove the vacuum indigenous the fuel pump regulator? ns am suspect it will certainly close it, correct?
Removing the pilot vacuum line from the FPR will close the regulator, resulting in the fuel pump to operate at full pressure (about 47-50- PSIG).

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What is the difference between the relay and also fuse? In other vehicles, ns have constantly removed the fuel pump relay before changing the fuel filter and the car/truck at some point "sputters" down. The relay will certainly energize when the PCM sends out a ground signal to the relay. When energized, the relay sends out power to the fuel pump. If you traction the fuse, you have no power to the relay, because of this no strength to the fuel pump. It"s best to pull the fuse only! :wink:
The other consideration is the oil press switch. Countless GMs have actually an assistant oil pressure switch i m sorry maintains power to the fuel pump even if the pump relay does no operate.