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buy oem honda, nothing works best. Yet if you have the right to wait to gain some or desire to go with a good substitue, 10w-30 is the exact same as the honda hand-operated trans. Fluid. Don"t shot to go thicker, it no work.
buy oem honda, nothing functions best. However if you can wait to obtain some or want to go v a good substitue, 10w-30 is the very same as the honda manual trans. Fluid. Don"t shot to go thicker, it no work.

any 10w-30 engine oil will perform fine in the tranny. Ns talked come the techs at the dealer by mine place and also that"s what they encourage
I agree with UltraMagnetical here..... In the back of the honda oem MTL is says, "10w-30". It"s just oil. If friend really desire something "better" just gain some cell phone One 10w-30 Synthetic. It functions really well and also your shifter won"t it is in notchy in the cold.
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i don"t also use synthetic oil in my h22....just consistent oil for everyday driving and synthetic/synth mix on gyeongju days.

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"Neo M T F is a unique high effectiveness lubricant formulated v a 100% synthetic base for applications permitting this short viscosity. The is compounded v the many recently occurred additive mechanism to administer the ultimate in equipment protection from pressure, corrosion and shock load. A friction modifier is work to alleviate sliding friction, thereby offering the greatest power transfer and also lower fuel consumption. Recommended just for hands-on transmissions whereby a short viscosity oil is specified, such as ATF or engine oils, 5/20, 5/30, 10/30, 10/40. Marketed as 1 quart"
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because the accord ECONOBOX transmission wouldn"t benifit from utilizing a man-made tranny oil.....cost come benifit ratio is microscopic
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