I have actually 96\" Pontiac cool Am GT 4cyc. 2.4L that i just replace the fuel filter on and also now the car wont stay started.Does anybody recognize of anything that I have the right to do to resolve this problem? It will certainly start but only operation for about 3secs. Then stops. Say thanks to you an extremely much.

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You didn\"t say if that is why you replaced the filter to start with. A human needs to understand details for this reason one does not waste your time.

Never replaced a fuel filter prior to but do you need to worry about air in the line, likewise when you set up it, walk you examine the direction of the flow?? like from the tank the line will go ~ above a certain side that the filter?? i have had 3 different 2.4cyl. Cavaliers which space the same engine. Permit me know!? good luck.
sounds favor an antitheft trouble have any type of lights on her dash? might try leaving the an essential in the on position for ten minute then try to begin it. Assuming this doesnt have actually anything to execute with the fuel filter.
You didn\"t say if that is why you changed the filter to start with. A human needs to understand details therefore one does no waste their time.

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Why to be it replaced????The Theft Deterrent System, called a Passlock System, is designed come prevent vehicle theft by disabling the engine unless the Passlock cylinder is correctly involved by a mechanical key. The passlock system utilizes four components for theft detection, the lock cylinder, ignition switch, electronic instrument panel cluster (IPC), and also the Powertrain manage Module (PCM).When beginning the engine, the PCM looks for a password from the tool Panel swarm (IPC) with the UART serial data circuit. If the password is not known or not present, the PCM will disable the engine. There space two settings of tamper detection: • quick Tamper mode - Engine might start and also stall quickly. The Theft mechanism telltale will flash on the IPC for 4 seconds. • long Tamper setting (more 보다 three beginning attempts or an invalid password is received) - the engine is disabled for at least 10 minutes and also the Theft mechanism telltale will flash ~ above the IPC because that the 10 minutes. If the engine is running and also serial data communication is lost the engine will continue to run until the ignition is cycled. If serial data interaction is not established while attempting to start, the engine will only start and also stall. When the auto has established Serial Data communication, the PCM will enable normal engine operation.The Password discover procedure is together follows:Attempt to begin vehicle, then leaving the ignition On. The Theft system telltale will certainly flash for 10 minutes. Once the Theft system telltale stop flashing, start the vehicle. As soon as the car is running, the password is learned.