l>97-03 Ford F150 door dashboard removal

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If you uncovered this page in search of "Door Panel" information, you need to take a moment to inspect out our Jimmi" Jammer® product here.

This tutorial will display you just how to install a Jimmi" Jammer® ~ above the adhering to vehicles:

Full size Ford F-150 truck, 1997 -2003

Full size Ford exploration (97-02) or Lincoln Navigator (98-02).

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Jimmi" Jammer® component Number: 113200 (marked on earlier of package) every plate is marked 3200 appropriate (Passenger) or Left (Driver).

Time Required: First door up to 45 min, second door about 30 min, depending upon your experience.

Tools Required:

Metric socket collection with expansion Long sleep pliers Standard and phillips screwdrivers

Installation Procedure: (Special thanks to Unique vehicle Audio in Gilbert, AZ for use of their truck for this tutorial!)

Photo 1

The very first photo reflects removal the the inside door handle shroud. This item is snapped into place or held with a solitary screw so eliminate with care so the tabs don"t break.

Notice that the window is in the up position.

picture 1

Photo 2

Preparing to eliminate the electrical window/door lock switch dashboard ahead that the arm rest. This is held in location with some snap clips so carefully pry the module right up turn off the door.


Photo 3

Disconnect the wires in ~ the connector. Be careful due to the fact that some connectors lock right into the connected position. Look for the relax tab if the connectors are difficult to acquire apart.

Near the center of the photo you can see a bolt head in the move module cavity. This is one of the screws or bolts hold the panel onto the door. Remove this bolt.

The following photo, #4 mirrors a close increase of the bolt come remove.


Photo 4

Remove the bolt to the best on this photo.


Photo 5

mirrors removal that the screws stop the panel in place. Look follow me the edge of the panel, there are numerous screws, especially along the bottom edge.


Photo 6

With dashboard screws every removed, closely lift the door dashboard up and away native the door, but only a couple of inches. You will should disconnect the courtesy desk lamp wire prior to moving the panel more than a couple of inches.


Photo 7

Carefully disconnect the courtesy lamp prior to moving the door panel away from the door.


Photo 8

Check the no various other wires are connected to the panel, then pull the panel away from the door.


Photo 9

Once the panel is removed, take turn off the bar stop the splash guard in place. Don"t shed the 2 screws holding it on.


Photo 10

Gently peel earlier the splash safety to disclose the opened to the door cavity. If there is adhesive hold the splash safety in place, it is normally reusable type. Try to peel the guard earlier carefully to keep as lot adhesive on it together possible.


Photo 11 - Driver side door see

This photograph shows the lower window channel tho in place. To cost-free up added work space inside the door, eliminate the lower window channel.

See photos 12, 12a and also 12b below. It only takes a minute and also will provide you allot an ext room come work.

11 (Drivers side shown here)

Removal of the lower home window channel. (Easy).

Make sure the home window is every the method up.

Photo 12a: remove the bolt stop the lower home window channel in ar at the bottom of the channel.

There is a clip on the top end that stop the lower channel come the top channel. Feeling or look within the door to see just how the clip join the 2 together before taking castle apart.

With bolt removed, pull reduced channel straight down till the top clip slides turn off the top channel.

Photo 12b mirrors the clip ~ above the top end of the reduced channel ~ it has been disjoined native the top channel.

Photo 12c mirrors pulling the lower channel out of the door.

Now girlfriend will have extra room to work inside the door.

picture 12a

photograph 12b

photo 12c

At this allude in the tutorial, we will start showing much more photos that the driver side door. There are a couple of differences between sides so us will shot to present as much information as possible.

Next, remove the lock rod native the pawl (white plastic piece) OR eliminate the lock pawl indigenous the lock and also leave the pole in the pawl. Either method is ok.

To eliminate the rod from the pawl:

Use a long nose pliers to squeeze the peak or bottom tab ~ above the pawl while using force on the lock rod toward the pawl opening. Apply consistent force on the stick and alternate pinching the pawl clips until the rod mr out.

Another trick, if you"re having trouble releasing the rod native the pawl, is to use a screwdriver shaft around the exact same size together the lock rod and also put the shaft right into the lock pawl open end.

Then, press the pillar toward the lock rod until they touch, then pull both the rod and screwdriver column out at the same time.


Leave the rod in the pawl and take the lock pawl off the lock. Here"s exactly how to do that::

Place a towel or huge rag below the handle to record the c-clip if girlfriend drop it down into the door cavity.

Use a quick screwdriver to slide the c-clip off the lock. It usually comes off pretty easy.

Then, background the lock pawl turn off the lock. This will make plate installation quite easy.

Also in this step, eliminate the 2 nuts stop the door handle to the door metal. Picture 13a reflects both nuts follow me the optimal of the handle.

If you are working on the drivers door, read the next section around the Ford Anti-Theft rotary Switch in the next section now.

13a (Passenger side)

13b (Driver side)

Ford"s Anti-theft move

If you don"t watch this move on your lock cylinder, you deserve to skip this part. The lock pawl has actually been removed for clarity.

Some vehicles may be equipped through Ford"s Anti-Theft switch. Photograph 14a shows just how this switch mounts come the back of the lock cylinder.

If your auto is equipped through this switch, there space a couple of points to be conscious of prior to moving it.

The key thing is come NOT rotate the inner portion of the switch with relation to the outer section while managing the switch.

You deserve to lift the switch directly off the lock there is no issue, just don"t revolve the inner section and make sure you put it earlier on in the exact same orientation as it was. See photo 14b.

Not all vehicles are equipped through this switch, yet if it is there, simply use treatment in handling.

You can likewise disconnect the switch at the connector end and also leave the rotary part on the lock. This will allow you to feed the wire though the hole on the Jimmi Jammer plate for mounting. Photo 14c.




Photos 15a and also 15b

These photos to be taken outside the door for clarity, however you should be able to get castle on without removing the door handle. It is precious the initiative to put these on!

With the lock pawl and rod out of the way, placed the listed circular clamp roughly the lock cylinder holder.

This helps strengthen the assembly make it much more complicated to punch the lock right into the door or otherwise break the lock holder.

Photo 15a mirrors the clamp being placed onto lock holder.

Photo 15b mirrors the clamp inserted properly. Keep in mind that clamp butts up versus the lock cylinder holder clip.

This considerably increases the strength of this assembly.

photograph 15a, installing clamp


Photo 15b, clamp around lock holder

Photos 16a, 16b and also 16c

Photo 16a mirrors the Jimmi" Jammer® plate set up on the vehicle drivers side handle. This auto did not have the Ford Anti Theft rotary switch.

Photo 16b mirrors the Jimmi" Jammer® plate set up on the drivers side handle WITH the Anti Theft rotating switch. Note the wires room on this next of the plate.

To place the plate, it help to have both nuts turn off the take care of mounting studs and also to traction the manage away native the body slightly indigenous the outside.

Then, on slide the plate in place and push the handle earlier in.

If your automobile has the rotary switch, pass the wires through the bowl first, climate mount the plate.

Put the nuts ~ above the studs and snug castle up.

Photo 16c shows just how the leaf of the plate has actually a tab that slides right into the area whereby the door jamb and also outer door skin come together.

This acts together a 2nd anchor allude for the plate and also makes the assembly an extremely strong.

16a (no rotating switch)

16b (with rotating switch)


Photo 17

This mirrors the Jimmi" Jammer® bowl in ar on the vehicle drivers door. The passenger side will certainly be really similar.

This automobile had the rotary switch in place, so it is displayed here appropriately installed. Vehicles without the switch will be the same, simply without the switch and also wires.

At this point, you have the right to put the lock pawl earlier on and insert the stick in the pawl.

Test the operation of the lock making use of your an essential to do sure everything clears. If the pole rubs slightly on the plate, that is no a problem, but you can likewise gently bending the lock pawl outward slightly to prevent rubbing.


With whatever in place, you are currently ready to re-attach your door panel.

Photo 15

Put the splash guard ago in place and also reattach the bracket the holds the in place.


Photo 16

Set the panel ago onto the door. Make sure you have reconnected any kind of wires that were disconnected earlier, such together the lamp.


Photo 17

Put the screw that hosted the center of the dashboard in place ago in place. (Reference picture 4).

Reconnect the switch and lock module connectors and also snap the module back in place. Check the lock switch and home window to do sure everything got linked correctly.


Photo 18

Reattach the handle shroud and also put the staying panel stop screws ago in.

Now you deserve to place the home window warning label in the lower edge of the window. Place carefully because the adhesive on the sticker labels is really good.

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Very Important:

Test the lock operation, window and other components one last time before starting the various other door.

This completes the installation. You deserve to put the door back together and start the other side.