We’ve every been there. We’ve gained a large pile of yarn (inherited from a family members member, the an outcome of frogging a project, or maybe even a thrift save find)… and we have actually no idea exactly how much yardage there is!


Since many patterns specify the number that yards you’ll need, identify the yardage of your yarn is crucial. Fortunately, it’s not too tricky! In this post, I’ll present you how to use a range to calculate the yardage of your yarn.

Materials required


To calculate the yardage of your yarn, you’ll need:

the yarn (duh!)a box or bowl (to organize the yarn top top the range if you’ve gained a lot of small bits the yarn)Step-by-step: just how to identify yardage

Got your products together? Okay, let’s gain started!

Find the end the yarn’s yardage per weight information

I lucked the end a little bit: I had a big bundle that yarn the came in addition to a label. The brand tells you exactly how much length/weight a specific ball the yarn is:


If girlfriend aren’t lucky enough to have actually a label, you have some options, that’s no a problem! Just reduced off a little length (maybe a garden or a meter) and also weigh it. Boring, yet easier 보다 measuring the whole amount that yarn!

Calculate length per unit the weight

Now I understand that my yarn has 100 meter in 50 grams.

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I want to calculate how much size there is to each gram.


So, every gram that yarn is 2 meters long. We’ll save this in mind!

For your formula, that course, you’ll be plugging in the length and weight from her yarn label or the small sample girlfriend cut and also weighed.