Ignition move Replacement Service

How much does a Ignition switch Replacement cost?

On average, the expense for a Chevrolet Blazer Ignition switch Replacement is $312 with $198 for parts and also $114 because that labor. Prices might vary depending upon your location.

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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
2000 Chevrolet BlazerV6-4.3LService typeIgnition switch ReplacementEstimate$679.40Shop/Dealer Price$811.76 - $1163.83
2001 Chevrolet BlazerV6-4.3LService typeIgnition move ReplacementEstimate$683.80Shop/Dealer Price$820.42 - $1173.95
1996 Chevrolet BlazerV6-4.3LService typeIgnition move ReplacementEstimate$611.34Shop/Dealer Price$736.72 - $1067.76
2004 Chevrolet BlazerV6-4.3LService typeIgnition move ReplacementEstimate$585.64Shop/Dealer Price$704.55 - $1016.28
2005 Chevrolet BlazerV6-4.3LService typeIgnition move ReplacementEstimate$585.64Shop/Dealer Price$704.62 - $1016.42
2002 Chevrolet BlazerV6-4.3LService typeIgnition switch ReplacementEstimate$509.65Shop/Dealer Price$620.58 - $926.34

What is the Ignition Switch all about?

The ignition switch, located on the steering obelisk or in the dashboard, bring away the strength from the battery and also directs it to all the accessories and electrical materials of your car. It also transfers the strength to the starter as soon as you rotate the ignition key. If the starter does not receive power indigenous the ignition key, the vehicle will not start. Once the ignition move goes bad, your car may not start and also the accessories (lights, radio, etc.) might not work. Instead of an ignition switch can be as straightforward as removing a few screws to access the ignition switch, or as complicated as removed the totality steering column.


Keep in mind:

After one ignition move is replaced, every electrical contents should be checked to ensure suitable operation.

How it"s done:

Check the condition of the ignition switch.Remove and replace the ignition move if the is bad.Verify operation of electrical components.

Our recommendation:

The battery feeds strength to ignition switch, so it is crucial for the ignition mechanism that the battery is in an excellent condition.Don't put too much weight ~ above your an essential ring due to the fact that this can damage the key and the tumbler component of the ignition switch. If there is no power inside the auto (none that the electrical materials are working), have the mechanic check the main fuses. If the fuses room good, then the mechanic should inspect the ignition switch and other electrical components.

What common symptoms suggest you might need to change the Ignition Switch?

Car might not start.Car starts climate dies.Some electrical contents may not work-related (radio, clock, lights, etc.).

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How important is this service?

The ignition switch offer to send strength from the battery. As soon as you revolve your vital to revolve on her vehicle, the ignition move takes power from the battery and sends it come the starter, which enables your automobile to rotate on. Once you rotate on any electrical components in your automobile (such together your lights, radio, and air conditioning), the ignition move draws power from the battery, and sends that to these electrical materials to strength them. Once your ignition switch stop working, your starter and also your electrical components have no method of drawing power from your battery. With a faulty ignition switch, you won’t be able to use her radio, lights, or waiting conditioning, and you won’t have the ability to turn on her vehicle. In extreme cases, a broken ignition move won’t permit you to revolve your car off, also if you remove the key.