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03 R/TDo I have to take the bumper cover turn off to eliminate the front bumper? Also, carry out I should do anything with the airbags before I start? The Haynes hands-on isn\"t the good.I\"ve bring away the 4 top bolts off and also reinstalled them as I was just experimentation removal issues. I likewise bought a brand-new impact gun and also it works fairly well.Thanks!
all you need to do is remove the peak 2 bolts, one on each side, eliminate the bolts that mount the bumper cover to the splash shield (I think it\"s like 3 or 4 on each side), then remove the 2 brackets the mount the structure to the bumper sheathe on every side. No wait bag disablement necessary. Hope this helps. Pm me if you need help?

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Thanks, the looks favor what I uncovered from the visual. The hands-on skips a couple of bolts, screws, etc.Once again, you guys are the best.

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All done placing it back together and no much more rubbing.I uncovered out it\"s no the initial bumper (tell tale authorize was junkyard numbering) and also there were some alterations come the holes whereby the bumper brackets mount to the frame. It appears the previous owner had a front finish collision together well, i beg your pardon is most likely why the bumper shifted this time.Pretty simple job. Thanks!
Interesting, ns take it you couldn\"t check out that it change from standing the end in front?Love the yellow or white marking paint.
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Hi folks. I have a 98, that remained in an accident a pair of year back. Currently I must remove the bumper, and found the on the happen side, the brackets were broken, assumably throughout accident. On the Driver\"s side, the one bolt holding onto the bracket is bent. Can\"\"t obtain an 18mm ~ above it optimal or bottom... Help ?
That is no going to be fun. You may have actually to cut bolts, drill points out, and also probably tack weld some brand-new nuts.. BTW, the pix over don\"t really apply to the 98; the early on gen-Is didn\"t have the plastic cover end the reduced bumper....tom
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Well.... Crumb ! ns was afraid of that. I do have actually the reduced cover. The I obtained off with reasonably little issue. Many thanks for your understanding !
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