A somewhat typical issue through the Chevy Blazer is the P0449 code. This code references a number the is offered to you as soon as you plug it right into a OBD2 scanner. P0449 deals with the evaporative emissions manage (EVAP) system. The often appears with, or is related other codes, such as P0420, P0446, and really often P0455.

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P0449 is typically not an immediate threat to the drive-ability of her Blazer. Definitely anytime the service engine quickly light is on, it’s great to address it as quickly as feasible though. Also, a really good scanner will help you identify whether or not the vent valve is operating correctly. Most shops have actually these scanners. There’s a link towards the bottom the web page on specifically how to do a high quality diagnosis through a scan tool.

Chevy Blazer P0449 Definition

P0449 is a universal OBDII trouble code. This method that nevertheless of which make or model of vehicle, the code will typical the same thing (Blazer or not, as long as that was manufactured after 1996).

P0449 shows that the valve or solenoid circuit the controls the evaporation device is not functioning properly. The EVAP device cycles fuel vapor indigenous the gas tank into the entry manifold, a charcoal canister, or directly into the air depending upon the version of vehicle. Once this system malfunctions, the fuel vapor is no being encountered properly.

The ECM (Engine manage Module) that the automobile has detected that there is a fault in the circuit which controls the vent the releases the fuel vapor from the system. This will be followed by the service engine quickly light.

Chevy Blazer P0449 OBDII password Symptoms

The service engine shortly light is often the only sign that the P0449 code has been motivated

P0449 code will frequently not it is in accompanied by any noticeable symptoms other than the smell the gas and the service engine soon light. Girlfriend may notice the slightest dip in fuel economy as well.

You must particularly notice the smell of fuel around the fuel tank area or fuel filler tube.

The EVAP device deals directly with fuel vapors. If this vapors room leaking native the system, you’ll regularly smell them faintly while operation the vehicle.

Blazer P0449 Trouble code Causes

There are numerous things the can cause the P0449 trouble code to cause in her Chevy Blazer. Below are the most typical problems that will certainly throw the code in addition to a an excellent video ~ above the entirety process:

EVAP device Hose– The hose the carries the fuel vapor indigenous the fuel tank come the input manifold can start to leak. This will cause the P0449 code. Look because that either a tear or feet in it. This is just one of the most common issues that reasons this code. The hole have the right to be an extremely tricky to find without a smoke test. Fuse/Wiring Problems– If the wiring going come the valve has actually been compromise, it’ll result in the P0449. Fuel Tank sending Unit– it is possible for the gasket the attaches the fuel sending out unit come the gas tank to go bad. This have the right to reduce tank pressure and also throw the code. This should absolutely not be the ar to start. Fuel Filler Neck– over there is often a gasket where the fuel filler neck connects v the gas tank. This gasket deserve to dry out, particularly with vehicles that invest their time in dry climates. Once it dries out, the fuel tank can’t host pressure anymore, it may erroneously litter P0449.

P0449 Diagnosis- Chevy Blazer

A mechanic has a wide variety of tools at his (or her) disposal to diagnose what would be bring about the P0449 in her Chevy Blazer. Below are the most usual things that are done come diagnose the code:

The mechanic will examine the gas lid to make sure that it deserve to handle pressure. If you are getting a warning the your gas cap is off, even when it’s on, instead of it will an ext than likely clear this code. The mechanic will typically check to view if over there are any type of other problem codes. The an ext trouble codes there are, the easier it can be come diagnose a problem. That’s since when they show up together in certain combinations, there will regularly only be just a couple of conditions that will throw any mix of codes at one time. After ascertaining what trouble codes appear with the P0449, the mechanic will certainly typically examine the EVAP system
. This consists of the purge valve, line, and canister. The fuel tank press will be checked and monitored. After for the checks and also fixes provided above, the mechanic will execute two tests: A exhilaration test, and they’ll usage a scan tool to check that the EVAP solenoids and also valves room operating properly.

Still having actually trouble? Here’s a super technical video clip that is super detailed on diagnosing P0449.

Most common P0449 Fixes


Here room the most typical Blazer P0449 fixes:

Gas cap replacement EVAP heat replacement Vent valve instead of Wiring repair

Of all the items provided above, it would certainly be way to begin with the gas cap and work your way to the fuel tank, because the gas lid is far and away the easiest and also least expensive items to change on here.

Here’s a an excellent video on exactly how to test her gas cap.

Good luck figuring out what is bring about your Chevy Blazer to litter the P0449 code. We hope this helps. If there is anything that you feel prefer you might add, please feel totally free to leave a comment below.

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Is P0449 a severe Concern?

While P0449 is not going to cause the Blazer’s engine to avoid running, it should not be cure lightly. You can have a fuel leak. Pay extra attention to your tank level and also make sure you are not leaking fuel. Us recommend acquisition it in and/or dealing with it ideal away.