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Hi all, is it simply me or is the instead of time framework for the fuel filter not noted in the manual? I have 31K on my 08 T&C and am tho on the factory fuel filter. Ns am surprised the dealer, who has actually done every the maintenance, has actually not stated the replacement.Thanks.
Um. I"ve had three third generation vans and also one an initial generation van that all have actually gone method past 120,000 mile on the initial fuel filter and still go rolling along. I would certainly think if the fuel filter die anywhere around where her van is at right now, other is an extremely wrong.
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There is a opportunity that the fuel filter is within the tank through the fuel pump assembly. If so, that not taken into consideration a maintenance/serviceable item. They room intended to last the life the the vehicle.Many Chrysler assets are using these varieties of fuel filter now. Mine 2006 PT is the same way.
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There is a 100% opportunity of this.The filter is integral come the pump, and also is not serviceable. You can replace that if you desire to, yet that entails dropping the tank and also removing the fuel pump module. You might then adjust the filter.As others have stated, that does not need periodic cleaning no one replacement.
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Well, there"s a change. The an initial FI engine I had actually was a 3.0 "87. FSM stated the change the filter every 30K. Later models through 3.3 stated 50K. I"ve always readjusted them in ~ 30L due to the fact that filters are cheap and also pumps are not just expensive however a PITA to change. I"ve gotten readjust time down to about an hour on the "91-"95 models, but I do have a elevator in the shop.

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