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My \"Maintenance Required\" irradiate on mine 2004 4cyl EX will certainly not walk out. I have tried the means I\"ve always done it, as is explained in the manual, yet it will not avoid flashing when I start the auto or rotate the key to ON and also let the gauges go with their startup blinking. My trip reset button and gauge dimmer are both working.Here is what ns am doing: acquire in the car, push and also hold the trip reset button, insert vital and turn to ON for at the very least 10 seconds. Ns did check out that the light will not reset with the headlights ON, and also I have actually done it multiple times with the headlights OFF with no success.Any tips?
Keep ~ above doing it over and also over till it works? That operated for me in the past



i was having actually the same worry after favor 20 times ultimately got it to turn off. Keep trying till the works.
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All lights off, doors closed then perform the reset. I believed the total miles or the odometer had actually to be showing and also not among the trip displays. Yet I forget how the 7th gen display is collection up.
Turn whatever off, nearby the door, press the trip reset button with your left hand, keep holding switch down and also turn vital to top top (no start). Continue to organize the button till the light goes out. You could have a tiny dimple in your finger, native holding the button down by now, however it will go away. I\"ve to be doing this because I bought my 03, and also it never fails.
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10 minutes after my critical post, I visited drive the car and did that two more times and also it ultimately went out.I\"ve to be doing the reset cycle 2-3 times as soon as I walk to start the car for the past 4 days. I guess if the doesn\"t work, store trying as drzcb7 said.
Does the push-button work reliably to reset the trip mileage or move from trip A and Trip B odometer readings? If not then probably the move has begun to fail intermittently.
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Does the push-button job-related reliably to reset the pilgrimage mileage or move from pilgrimage A and Trip B odometer readings? If no then possibly the switch has started to fail intermittently.
My \"Maintenance Required\" irradiate is on constantly (not flashing).Will this an approach also job-related in the case where the light is on all the time.
Yes. For XX amount of miles after it has been reset, the light will certainly not show up. Then from XX come YY mile it will flash after ~ startup because that a few seconds. Climate from YY come infinity it will certainly flash and stay on after ~ startup.XX and YY vary from 4cyl to 6cyl. This is detailed in your manual though.
Maintenance forced light will certainly not reset - AGAIN\"04 accord - same problem as O.P. Quoted listed below - the procedure in the manual constantly worked in the past, but the damned light merely will no go the end nowit blinks once around 5 sec into the procedure & comes ago on- no length of pushing reset will make it walk away; renders no diff if headlights on, door closed, et al, etc :frowni\"ve searched a dozen+ forums whereby the typical answer is always the Honda procedure - which is merely not functioning p.s. - i placed my OBDII scanner ~ above it, and the scanner claims no problems, no codes - however dunno if that maintenance light circuit is actually read by scannersdo the reset switch contacts walk bad???has anybody uncovered a real solution to this in the past year or two??????
My \"Maintenance Required\" light on my 2004 4cyl EX will certainly not go out. I have actually tried the means I\"ve constantly done it, together is described in the manual, but it will certainly not avoid flashing as soon as I start the car or revolve the an essential to ON and let the gauges go v their startup blinking. My pilgrimage reset button and gauge dimmer space both working.Here is what ns am doing: get in the car, push and also hold the expedition reset button, insert crucial and revolve to ON because that at least 10 seconds. Ns did read that the light will certainly not reset v the headlights ON, and I have actually done that multiple times v the headlights OFF through no success.Any tips?
Just figured I\"d short article my video for future readers but tosh, I\"m glad you ultimately got that reset friend :thmsup:
Turn every little thing off, close the door, press the pilgrimage reset switch with her left hand, keep holding button down and also turn key to top top (no start). Continue to host the button till the light goes out. You could have a tiny dimple in her finger, native holding the button down through now, however it will go away. I\"ve to be doing this due to the fact that I bought my 03, and it never ever fails.
t-rd ,Why does this occur so frequently where someone provides their very first post on one old thread? Is this some sort of cyber attack?
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