If you find yourself squinting to watch your present speed or flipping on various inner lights to review your gas gauge, it"s time to figure out why her car"s dash lamp aren"t working. This guide will help you pinpoint what is causing your Civic"s dash lamp to fail, and what you have the right to do to deal with it.

This article uses to the Honda Civic/Del solar (1992-2000).

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The dashboard displays critical information about your auto like the speed, fuel level, and also engine temperature. Girlfriend can frequently see this information clearly during the day, however if her dash lamp aren"t working properly, then you"ll discover yourself struggling to see the dash in ~ night. A an easy DIY project deserve to save several time, and money the you would otherwise spend at a fix shop. Take a look at these usual suggestions to narrow under the most most likely reasons why your car"s dash lamp aren"t working.

Step 1 – check your fuses

They might be loose or burned out.

To check your fuses, begin by locating the interior fuse box. This box is situated close to the driver"s left foot. Remove the fuse box cover, and also find the fuse responsible for the dashboard lighting. If it"s no loose, check to see if it"s swollen or shed out. If this is the case, you"ll must swap the end the present fuse v a brand-new one.

A slightly less typical problem is a continually blown fuse (15A) anytime the headlights space turned on. In this instance, you"ll require to inspect for a brief in the circuit.

Figure 1. Under-dash fuse dashboard location.

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Step 2 – inspect the dimmer switch

It may need to be replaced.

A faulty or damaged dimmer switch will cause the instrument panel and also A/C manage lights come fail. However, dashboard indicator lights such as revolve signals and high beams may continue to work.

You can quickly pull the dimmer move out through a screwdriver. Once the switch is out, unplug the to run the red and black wires as soon as the headlights space on. If the move is bad, the console lights must come on at this point. Although it"s no necessary, you might want to use a multimeter to verify the the dimmer move is faulty.

Figure 2. Jumping the dimmer move wiring.

Step 3 – inspect the illumination and also headlight switches

They can be faulty.

If you"ve already checked the fuses and also the dimmer switch without finding any kind of hint the a problem, the following step is to make sure the illumination as well as the headlight switches room in an excellent working order.

The illumination move controls the level that brightness on the dashboard. You"ll discover it towards the left-hand next of the dash as component of a three-switch pod. Because that those through 1992 to 1995 Civics, these other switches can be plastic blocks.

The headlight move is in the same location. If faulty or bad, the headlight switch will also cause a dark dash.

Figure 3. Dash dimmer switch.

Step 4 – inspect the dashlight brightness controller

It can have failed.

The control unit is constructed into the dashlight brightness controller, and will reason a dark dashboard if faulty.

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To examine the unit, closely pry the end the switches from the dashboard. Then, disconnect the 3-P connector from the controller. There room three various terminals: black, red, and also black v red. Test the black terminal an initial for continuity. If it"s okay, move on to the red/black terminal. V the mix light switch on, examine to make certain there"s sufficient battery voltage. The last terminal is the red one. Again, with the mix light switch on, inspect to see if the dash lights are illuminating together bright together possible.