The fuel pump offers your engine with one of the simple elements for internal combustion. Proceed reading to replace the fuel pump top top your public when it fails.

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This article applies to the Honda public (1992-2000).

Besides air and also ignition, your vehicle needs fuel in order to work. The fuel pump is a hydraulic device. Its function is come pump the gas from the gas tank—through the fuel lines—to the engine. While fuel pumps are fairly reliable, once your civic gets increase in miles it"s just a issue of time till it requirements to it is in replaced. Thankfully, this is quite an easy in the 1992 v 2000 Honda Civic. However if you have any doubts, then it is argued to take you automobile to one auto shop.

Materials NeededPhilips screwdriverNeedle sleep pliers10 mm socket10 mm ratchet wrenchDrip panNew fuel pump

When working near fuel, that is imperative the there room no sources of smoke nearby. This might lead to a sudden fire or explosion.

Step 1 – eliminate the backseats

The fuel pump in your civic is available through the rear seats.

To gain access, steady grab both ends of the seat.Pull upwards to remove the seat. It help if friend wiggle the while pulling.Take the seats out of the car to protect against damage.
Figure 1. There are small latches top top the front sheet of the seat.

Step 2 – eliminate pump cover

Once the seats space removed, locate the steel cover and also use your Phillips screwdriver to remove the four bolts that organize it in place. Then, tilt the cover out of the method to gain much more access.

figure 2. Place of the fuel pump. The voltmeter is irrelevant and not required to replace the fuel pump.

Step 3 – prepare the pump for removal

When the covering is removed, there room a variety of items you have to remove prior to the pump can be retrieved.

Slip turn off the boot the covers the wiring connector.Unplug the connector.Use pliers to eliminate the clamp top top the rubber hose.Disconnect the main fuel line. You will should squeeze the to eliminate it.Use the 10 mm socket and ratchet to unbolt the bracket.Figure 3. Chart of the fuel pump.
Figure 4. A in-depth view the the connector and hoses.

Step 4 – remove the strainer and replace the pump

Now that the pump is disconnected, grab it and also pull the upwards. Make certain your drip pan is handy because the fuel strainer have the right to drip fuel.

Once the fuel pump strainer is out, execute the adhering to steps:

Disconnect the peak plug.Remove the strainer clamp.Pull the end the pump.
Figure 5. Be careful not come drip any kind of fuel if removing the pump strainer.
Figure 6. The fuel pump is situated inside the metal cylinder/canister.

Step 5 – Install brand-new pump and also re-install

You are currently ready to download the new pump, and connect everything back up.

Slide the brand-new pump into place.Reconnect the plug and also fuel strainer.Slide it ago into the fuel tank opening.Bolt the bracket back in v the six screws to organize it in place.Connect the fuel line and also rubber hose.Plug connector earlier in.Reattach the connector boot.Reattach the accessibility cover through the five bolts.Finally, re-install the backseat.

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Figure 7. Instead of the sheathe is the last step before putting the seats ago in.

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