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After reading several posts I was starting to believe the just fuel filter was in the fuel pump assembly but I was searching Autozone"s site and found this: Under hood, driver side, rear engine area, passenger next of master cylinder, mounted in fuel lineSo i went and also looked and also there is miscellaneous there, it is a tiny green point in a water tap that states " carry out not kink", can that be the fuel line and filter? if so i would try to change it to try to fix my beginning and dice problem. Additionally I simply replaced the 02 sensors and instead of 0420 i am now gaining code 0031. I am fear it may due to the fact that i accidentally bending the casing of one of the sensors as I was installing it and also the socket slipped and also was still trying to turn it. I have to wait a week and also a half to get another one.
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