P0410 is a generic OBDII trouble code. This suggests that it has the very same meaning for the Cadillac DeVille as it would certainly any type of other auto. It is letting you know that tright here is an concern with the additional air injection device.

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P0410: Secondary Air Injection System → Malfunction

The additional air injection device injects air right into the exhaust to aid lower eobjectives. Most of the moment, P0410 is going to be caused by a faitempt in this pump or the one means examine valve. But tright here can be other factors the code is thrown as well.


P0410 Symptoms: Cadillac DeVille

Nearly on all of the moment, the just symptom of P0410 in the DeVille is going to be the company engine soon light. Otherwise, you might hear the negative pump trying to work (choose an empty wiper/washer, commonly more faint sounding). Vary hardly ever, it deserve to reason some hesitation on acceleration.


DeVille P0410 Causes

Generally, tright here are three main components to the AIR mechanism. They are the pump, hoses, and one method inspect valve. All of this is electronically managed, so checking the fuse to it is a good location to start.

Here’s an excellent YouTube video from Mark Jenkins on diagnosing this code:

One Way Check Valve

The most common cause of P0410 is going to be the one way examine valve failing. When it does, it enables moisture into the pump. This moisture have the right to freeze in the winter time.

If frozen water does freeze up the air pump itself, it may blow the fusage to it. This fuse is commonly under the hood of the vehicle. That’s a good location to begin looking. It just takes a 2nd to check out if a fuse has been blown.

AIR Pump

The AIR pump itself is the the majority of widespread reason of P0410. They are fairly affordable. If they are no much longer accepting instruction from the ECU, P0410 will certainly be thrvery own.

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P0410 in the Cadillac DeVille is not likely to cause the auto to break down, and also rarely causes symptoms other than the check engine light. That’s bereason the pump is part of the emissions device and not the engine itself. Any time the inspect engine light comes on, it’s a good idea to business it as quickly possible though.

If tright here is anypoint that you would favor to include, please leave a comment listed below. Good luck!