This code keeps coming up i m sorry reads together misfire detected cylinder number 5. I have actually replaced all the spark plugs, every the wires and the fuel injector. To me all that is left is the coils. Am ns on the appropriate track or to be I missing something? How? due to the fact that each coil load fires 2 cylinders won't the mess up the firing order? can each pack be unplugged native the wiring exploit separately?

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After replacing those components it sounds favor you might be having an worry with the coil load itself. That is feasible there might be an interior failure that the coil packs number 5 cylinder internals. I've enclosed a picture below of what the looks like and also its location. Expect this helps and also thanks for making use of Check out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us understand if you require anything else to acquire the trouble fixed.



Hello again.I've fastened a photo below the the accessible ignition coil native AutoZone auto components store. Hope this helps and also thanks again for making use of
Looking at the coil native driver side of automobile with the hood up, what is the stimulate of the spark plug wires?
many thanks Mark, the Hyundai organization Manual has actually pic the the coil in a different order and also then later in the manual they have a pic the the plug wire routing and also that one reflects a various order that plug assignment come the coil. The latter is the order the you responded with. Thanks for the help!
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