Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment that fuses and also relays Nissan Altima SE, S/S, SE-R (L31) (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006).

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Checking and Replacing Fuses

Fuses and also fusible links protect your vehicle’s electrical system from short-circuiting or overloading. If electrical parts in your automobile are no working, the system may have been overloaded causing a puffy fuse. Prior to you change or repair any type of electrical parts, inspect the appropriate fuses.

Be sure the ignition switch is driven to the turn off or LOCK position and all switch room OFF.Open the fuse box lid.On the fuse diagram, discover the number of the fuse you desire to check. The diagram speak you where to find the fuse ~ above the panel. Pinch the fuse perpendicularly through the fuse puller and also pull that out.To inspect a fuse, look at the silver-colored tape inside the fuse. If the band is damaged or melted, replace the fuse v a brand-new one.If a brand-new fuse additionally opens, have actually the electric system checked and also repaired by a Nissan dealer or a fix facility of your choice.If any electrical equipment does no operate and also fuses are in good condition, inspect the fusible links.


Never usage a fuse the a greater or lower amperage rating than that specified. This can damage the electric system or cause a fire.Never replace a broken fuse with anything various other than a brand-new fuse (such together wire, foil, etc). Use constantly an undamaged fuse that the very same color.
Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

The fuse dashboard is located behind the lid ~ above the driver’s side of the dashboard. Traction the fuse box cover come remove.



Back side


№ACircuit Protected
110Engine control Module, Injectors, Immobilizer control Unit (2001-2002), Body control Module (BCM (2003-2006))
2- -
3- -
4- -
515Power Socket
6102001-2002: Audio, Body manage Module (BCM), Door mirror Remote control Switch
102003-2006: Audio, Body manage Module (BCM), Door mirror Remote control Switch, AV Switch, mix Meter, Display manage Unit, NAVI control Unit, Triple Meter, Satellite Radio Tuner
715Cigarette Lighter
810Door mirror (LH, RH)
910Engine control Module (2001-2002), Daytime to run Lights
1015Blower Motor, A/C Auto Amplifier (2001-2002), prior Air manage (2003-2006)
1115Blower Motor, A/C Auto Amplifier (2001-2002), prior Air regulate (2003-2006)
12102001-2002: Automatic rate Control an equipment (ASCD) Brake Switch, Data connect Connector, Daytime to run Lights, Starter Relay, shift Lock regulate Unit, A/C Auto Amplifier, Thermo regulate Amplifier, Body control Module (BCM), A/C regulate Unit, combination Switch, Heated seat Relay, Rear home window Defogger
102003-2006: Automatic speed Control device (ASCD) Brake Switch, ASCD Clutch Switch, Body control Module (BCM), Display control Unit, Data attach Connector, Daytime running Lights, Front air Control, Headet chair Relay, NAVI control Unit, Park Neutral position Switch, Rear home window Defogger Relay, Starter Relay, transition Lock regulate Unit
1310Air Bag Diagnosis Sensor Unit, Occupant category System control Unit (2003-2006)
1410Combination Meter, Park Neutral position Switch, Auto Dimming within Mirror, Back-Up Lamp move (Manual infection (2003-2006)), Triple Meter (2003-2006)
15152001-2002: Heated Oxygen Sensor
16- -
17102003-2006: NAVI manage Unit
18- -
19102001-2002: Transmission manage Module (TCM), A/C Auto Amplifier, Homelink universal Transceiver, protection Indicator Light, an essential Switch, key Lock Solenoid, mix Meter, Body regulate Module (BCM), tribe Room Lamp, Data link Connector
102003-2006: Combination Meter, AV Switch, Display manage Unit, Data attach Connector, Front wait Control, Homelink global Transceiver, protection Indicator Light, shift Lock control Unit, Transmission control Module (TCM), Triple Meter, Vanity mirror Lights
2010Stop desk lamp Switch
21102003-2006: Automatic transmission Device, Body manage Module (BCM), an essential Switch, vital Lock Solenoid, shift Lock control Unit
22- -
Engine Compartment Fuse box №1

The fuse block is ~ above the passenger’s side of the engine compartment.


Diagram 2001-2002


№ACircuit Protected
3215Fuel Pump Relay
3410Air Conditioner Relay
3520Rear home window Defogger Relay
3620Rear home window Defogger Relay
3715Throttle manage Motor Relay
3810Tail desk lamp Relay (Parking Lamp, license Lamp, Tail Lamp)
3920Front Wiper Relay, former Wiper Motor
4115Fron Fog lamp Relay
4210Transmission control Module (TCM), transformation Sensor, Turbine revolution Sensor
43- -
4410EVAP Canister Purge Volume regulate Solenoid Valve, EVAP Canister Vent control Valve, Vacuum reduced Valve Bypass Valve, input Valve Timing manage Solenoid Valve, VIAS manage Solenoid Valve
4610Washer Motor
4710Headlamp High RH, Daytime running Lights
4810Headlamp High LH, Daytime running Lights
4915Headlamp low LH
5015Headlamp short RH
5115Engine regulate Module Relay (ECM)
R1Fuel Pump
R2Air Conditioner 
R4Cooling pan (№1 (Hi))
R5Cooling fan (№2 (Hi))
R6Cooling fan (№3 (Lo))
R7Headlamp Low
R8Headlamp High
R9Front Fog Lamp
R11Throttle control Motor
R12Engine regulate Module

Diagram 2003-2006


№ACircuit Protected
3220Rear home window Defogger Relay
3310A/C Relay
3515Engine manage Module (ECM), ECM Relay, NATS Antenna Amplifier
3615Headlamp low LH
3720Rear window Defogger Relay
3810Headlamp High LH, Daytime running Lights
3920Front Wiper Relay
4010Headlamp High RH, Daytime running Lights
4110Tail lamp Relay (Parking Lamp, license Lamp, Tail Lamp)
4210EVAP Canister Purge Volume control Solenoid Valve, EVAP Canister Vent regulate Valve, intake Valve Timing regulate Solenoid Valve (VK35DE), VIAS control Solenoid Valve (VK35DE)
4315Front Fog lamp Relay
4415Throttle regulate Motor Relay
4515Headlamp low RH
4615Air Fuel ratio Sensor, boil Oxygen Sensor
4710Washer Motor
4810A/T PV Ignition Relay, revolution Sensor, Turbine transformation Sensor
5015Fuel Pump Relay
R1Engine manage Module
R2Headlamp High
R3Headlamp Low
R6Cooling fan (№1)
R7Cooling fan (№3)
R8Cooling fan (№2)
R9Throttle control Motor
R10Fuel Pump
R11Front Fog Lamp

Engine Compartment Fuse box №2

It is near the battery. Remove the fuse box cover by advertise the tab and lifting the sheathe up.



№ACircuit Protected
24102001-2002: Engine control Module, Immobilizer control Module
2515Horn Relay
27- -
2810VQ35DE: Front Electronic controlled Engine Mount, behind Electronic controlled Engine Mount
2915Heated chair Relay
30- -
F50Body manage Module (BCM)
I- -
J- -
K40Cooling pan Relay (№1, 2, 3)
L40Cooling pan Relay (№1, 3)
M40Ignition Switch
Fusible attach Block

It is situated on the hopeful battery terminal.


№ACircuit Protected
A120Generator, Fuse: \"D\", \"E\"
B802001-2002: Ignition Relay (Fuse: \"1\", \"12\", \"13\", \"14\", \"15\", \"32\", \"33\", \"42\", \"44\", \"45\", \"46\"), Fuse: \"35\", \"40\", \"51\"
802003-2006: Ignition Relay (Fuse: \"42\", \"46\", \"47\", \"48\", \"49\", \"50\"), Fuse: \"33\", \"34\", \"35\", \"37\"
C602001-2002: Accessory Relay (Fuse: \"5\", \"6\", \"7\"), Blower Relay (Fuse: \"10\", \"11\"), Fuse: \"19\", \"20\"
602003-2006: Accessory Relay (Fuse: \"5\", \"6\", \"7\"), Blower Relay (Fuse: \"10\", \"11\"), Fuse: \"17\", \"19\", \"20\", \"21\"
D802001-2002: Headlamp High Relay (Fuse: \"47\", \"48\"), Headlamp short Relay (Fuse: \"49\", \"50\"), Fuse: \"34\", \"36\", \"37\", \"38\", \"39\", \"41\"
802003-2006: Headlamp High Relay (Fuse: \"38\", \"40\"), Headlamp low Relay (Fuse: \"36\", \"45\"), Fuse: \"32\", \"39\", \"41\", \"43\", \"44\"
1002001-2002: Fuse: \"D\", \"F\", \"G\", \"H\", \"L\", \"K\", \"M\", \"24\", \"25\", \"26\", \"28\", \"29\" \"31\"
1002003-2006: Fuse: \"D\", \"L\", \"K\", \"M\", \"28\", \"29\" \"31\"

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