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Guys I"m new here and just to buy a 2003 Durango a month ago in Toronto, Canada. Go anyone here have any type of idea wherein the cabin filter, if there is one, is located? thanks for any kind of advise.


T"ain"t one on any gen 1? which might be a blessing because, offered what i went through to replace the filter on my wife"s Lexus, it"s more of a pains in the butt 보다 anything else.
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T"ain"t one on any type of gen 1? which could be a blessing because, offered what ns went v to change the filter on mine wife"s Lexus, it"s much more of a pains in the butt 보다 anything else.
Agreed! The an initial time we had actually it excellent on the Regal, the dealer techs didn"t seal it right and also we had water all over the passenger next floor whenever the rained. It to be a ache the first time, but we obtained it right and now it"s a pretty straightforward DIY project.Joe
So ns guess trying to "make one work" is the end of the concern then huh?I"d it is in number 2 in heat if someone can do it.
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Aw which guys. If DC did do something choose that we all understand they"d have actually made it easily accessible and easy to replace. Girlfriend know, just like the bypass hose because that the water pump, the plenum gasket and also especially the heater core. It just doesn"t obtain any much easier than that :lol:
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Maybe we should all gain Buick Regals! :cheesy:You can configure a filter of kind that walk in the outside air duct i m sorry I think is under the wiper cowl. That means the waiting from outside would it is in filtered at least eliminating the environment-friendly pollen coming in.SteveDOC Pres
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The Regal/Grand Prix cabin filter isn"t too bad. I included one on my "97 GP. They come stock ~ above the Intrigue, and since that"s the same car, it"s quite basic to do.Wanna watch one that sucks to change? I had actually to readjust one top top a "02 Park Avenue. Royal PITA! It"s in 3 part that have to snap together and each new section pushes the various other one up further in the HVAC box. You access it thru a small port right alongside the accelerator pedal within the car, which calls for you to be one of two people a) a 75 lb child, b) a contortionist. Or c) both the the above.

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Wouldn"t mind having actually a cabin filter myself. The most basic to execute was my wife"s "01 Civic. Easily accessible behind the glovebox to eliminate & replace but there to be 2 filter
$20 a pop. The originals were nasty despite so it"s a great thing if you"re fortunate enough to have actually one.
I imagine someone who"s great at Photoshop can come up v a ******* cabin-air-filter architecture for ya. :cheesy:
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