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I would favor to effort to replace the serpentine belt on mine wife"s 2004 Freestar, but I can"t it seems ~ to find a tensioner pulley, lot less figure out how to accessibility it (not much an are in there). I have actually replaced belts top top F150 trucks, yet obviously the Freestar is a various animal. Have the right to anyone suggest me in the ideal direction? whereby is the tensioner located? will I require a specific tool? Thanks an extremely much.

* belt tensioner looks prefer this

Accessory drive BeltRemoval & InstallationTo Remove:Place car in neutral position. Rotate accessory journey belt tensioner counterclockwise. Push spring clip towards belt tensioner come lock the accessory drive belt tensioner in place. To Install:Install accessory journey belt top top engine. Rotate accessory journey belt tensioner counterclockwise until spring clip releases. Place vehicle in park position.
Is the snap, there so you don"t need to have a 2nd person organize the anxiety tool if the other fin-agles the new belt on?
What is the objective of placing the automobile in neutral in ~ the start of the repair process? and also then why later on placing it right into park?Thanks.

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