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i newly replaced timing belt and also balance belt on my 2004 santa fe 2.4l and also noe the engine runs like crap and shakes badly. I reviewed all time marks again and again and im at a loss. Any assist would be an excellent thanks in advance
Did you also correctly set up the balance shaft etc?There space some particular settings.You can go to the Hyu organization site to check for the correct procedures on your 2.4.You need to (free) log in in there, yet there are tons of details on all issues.Good luck,Paul
Two guesses:You knocked something loosened during the belt replacement....plug, coil, etc.OR once the belt broke, there was some piston/valve damage; highly likely if the an \"interference\" engine design.
I guess: v the third guess would certainly be the you in which method misunderstand the accuse for setup the timing earlier right.At this point, a shop visit because that a diagnosis would more than likely be the best route come go......and least expensive overall. Tow it, don\"t drive.
thanks males ive takin it apart three times now twin checked every marks space correct belt did not break either and i actually took the head turn off to it is in sure replaced all new gaskets do the efforts timing 3 times currently eachtime it runs just as poor shaking and a slim backfire as soon as idleing
Did you have the head off before or ~ you placed it earlier together the first time and noticed the difficulty ??Anyhow, in ~ this point, you have to forget what you have already done and start a brand brand-new troubleshoot of an engine running rough. Spark, fuel, compression, etc.There is something you have actually overlooked and also if YOU continue to fight it by yourself, you need a various angle the attack.Good lucky !!
Fixed it i bought it not running already had timing belts gotten rid of on purchase. I acquired it home installed brand-new belts and also put togethor ran yes, really really rough i checked over everything retimed the so on and so on. Then i went a step additional took head turn off to check for damage looked an excellent installed all new gaskets reassmeled and also still ran prefer ****. Anyhow what i overlooked and also caused me therefore much much more work was the coils lock were significant left and right form previous owner the took personally anyhow i had actually the left next on the 2 left plugs and right next on the two best plugs. Concerned find out the left one goes to the two midle plugs and also right coil goes come the outside two plugs........ Wish i took it apart then i woula well-known this five well lesson learned many thanks for the help.

Fixed it ns bought it not running currently had timing belts eliminated on purchase. I gained it house installed brand-new belts and also put togethor ran really really rough i checked over whatever retimed the so on and so on. Then ns went a step additional took head off to examine for damages looked good installed all new gaskets reassmeled and also still ran favor ****. Anyhow what i overlooked and caused me therefore much more work to be the coils lock were marked left and right type previous owner the took apart anyhow i had the left side on the two left plugs and right next on the two right plugs. Involved find the end the left one goes come the two midle plugs and also right coil goes to the external two plugs........ Wish i took it apart then ns woula known this oh well class learned thanks for the help.

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2004 sante fe
My timing busted and also we changed it. I have a 2004 sante fe 2.4 ltr. Currently after they replaced the time belt my van will turn on yet its prefer fluttering as soon as its on. Currently the human that was functioning on the doesnt know what is wrong with it. Execute you have any type of clue?
there is a trick to collection the balance shafts. If one is not collection correctly, also with the note in place, the engine will certainly vibrate a lot. This is much easier to define on the ideal balance shaft. Align the marks. Currently grab the obelisk pulley like it is a song dial because that a radio and twist left and also right. If girlfriend feel like the mark wants to remain in place, the is the exactly position. If not, if it feels like it desires to stay away from the mark, rotate the tower one full turn, turn again left and also right. You will an alert the difference. If friend dont carry out this, that is a 50-50 chance you will get it in the exactly position. And while doing every that, replace the crank place sensor. That thing will provide a most issues and not offer you a code.
For those having troubles with the deep vibrations after ~ a timing belt installation, it is, as many have claimed here, a blance obelisk issue. Right here is a attach to a previous article I produced for this very issue through a copy from the dealership hand-operated showing exactly how to properly collection this. I\"ve never done it myself, yet it entails sticking a driver in this slot/hole. Check out this link:
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