I placed a new fuel pump on mine 2004 nissan sentra however it still doesnt start, wanted to ckeck the pump relay switch yet cant discover it can you please tell me wherein it is, the place where the relays are has actually no digram to present witch one the is. PLEASE aid

The fuel pump relay is in the kick panel ~ above the chauffeurs side, click the image below to see. Check out the diagrams (Below). This overview can help you check the relayhttps://www.starrkingschool.net/articles/how-to-check-an-electrical-relay-and-wiring-control-circuitPlease let us understand if you require anything else to get the difficulty fixed.


below is a guide to assist you check the relay v the relay ar in the diagrams listed below which is ~ above the reduced left that the passenger compartment. Https://www.starrkingschool.net/articles/how-to-check-an-electrical-relay-and-wiring-control-circuitCheck the end the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand what friend find. We room interested to see what that is.

many thanks for the aid the relay was bad I had to gain a brand-new one because that $34.00. All addressed I love this site.
I have actually a 2003 Sentra through 1.8 engine. Automobile turns over but won"t start, not getting electrical power to fuel pump. We aren"t getting any type of electricity come the headlights, tail lights, rotate signals, dash or instrument panel however interior lights work, radio, heater pan Engine turns over but won"t start. We aren"t getting electrical energy to the fuel pump, headlights, brake lights, revolve signals, dash lights. We are gaining juice to the internal lights, heater fan, radio. All relays it seems ~ to be ok, so could this be a computer system problem.
No, I perform not believe so. You might want to inspect the fusible web links at the battery. If over there is one that is bad, you need to uncover out why it blew or it will fail again.Check for power to the fuse crate to verify.Roy
mine 2000 Nissan Sentra the fuel pump proceeds to run with ignition switched turn off sometimes, I changed the pump relay switch with no change, this day I unscrewed the gas cap and the pump quit running there was a vacuum ~ above the gas cap about 10 min after auto was reduced off, additionally the auto cranks good
have the codes read, if the evap system had actually a problem, there will be stored codes. Autozone reads them for free.
No power Going come The Fuel Pump. Fuse Is Good. Found A Relay crate In The Engine Compartment yet Does not Contain A Fuel Pump Relay.

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