The Toyota Corolla is among the most dependable and also most well-known vehicles top top the road today. The not tough to check out versions of the car that room several model years old tho cruising roughly as if they were new. Even so, specific parts the the Corolla have to be replaced just like any kind of other car, reliable or not. Tires room the biggest and also most noticeable wear items that requirements to be replaced semi-regularly.

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Have an larger Toyota Corolla? see tire sizes for previous years.

Best 15-inch Tires because that the Toyota Corolla (L, Hybrid LE)

Best 16-inch Tires because that the Toyota Corolla (LE, XLE, Hybrid SE)

Best 18-inch Tires for the Toyota Corolla (SE, XSE, Hatchback XSE)

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What Tires room on mine Corolla?

The 2020 Corolla sedan come in six various trims: L, LE, Hybrid LE, SE, XLE, and also XSE. The Corolla Hatchback come in one of two people SE or XSE trims. Depending on the trim, your Corolla can have among three different wheel sizes:

The Corolla L and Hybrid LE come with 15-inch wheels and also P195/65 R15 tires. These can be Firestone FT140 cool Touring All-Season tires or Yokohama Avid GT tires indigenous the factory.The Corolla LE, XLE, and Hatchback SE come v 16-inch wheels and also P205/55 R16 tires. These could be Firestone FT140 cool Touring All-Season or Dunlop Enasave 01 A/S tires from the factory.The Corolla SE, XSE, and also Hatchback XSE every come v 18-inch wheels and P225/40 R18 tires. The car came v Dunlop SP sport 5000 symmetrical tires, Michelin primacy A/S tires, or Yokohama Avid GT tires native the factory.

Top tires Replacement brands for your Toyota Corolla

For every stock wheel size, we’ll administer a recommendation for a Budget, a moderately Priced and a Cost-No-Object instead of tire

Toyota Corolla L and Hybrid LE

The small 15-inch tire and wheel size opens up up a human being of affordable tires from practically every significant brand.

Toyota Corolla LE and XLE

Toyota Corolla SE and also XSE

The Corolla SE and XSE come v 18-inch wheels, which means that several of the replacement tires you deserve to buy will be performance-oriented. It is fine if girlfriend live in a warm climate, yet for everyone else, a solid all-season tires is the ideal choice.

When should You replace the Tires on your Corolla?

Two major factors need to be a factor to consider when deciding to replace tires on any type of vehicle, not just the Corolla.

Most chauffeurs travel somewhere in between 12,000 and 15,000 miles every year, therefore the tires are much much more likely to happen their beneficial life in purpose of use before any time-based expiration date rolls around.

The life of her tire have the right to be rather predicted by its UTQG (Uniform Tire top quality Grade) rating. Tire manufacturers apply their own grades to tires for treadwear, traction, and temperature. As soon as you’re researching tires online, a UTQG will come up next to the tire surname in three digits and a number (ex. 500 A A).

You have the right to glean a little of information from the tires by reading this rating:

500 - The trust rating that a tire, contrasted to a control tire v a tread life the 100. To acquire a grade, tires run on a 640-kilometer course for 11,520 km. Every 1,280 km, the tread depth is measured, to carry out a projected tread life. The greater the number, the much longer the predicted tread life.A - This is the Traction rating that a tire, i beg your pardon indicates exactly how well a tires stops in wet conditions. The highest possible letter grade is AA, adhered to by A, B, and C.A - The second letter in the UTQG is the Temperature rating, i m sorry indicates how well a tire holds up to too much heat. A is the highest, complied with by B and C.**

The other consideration is time. Every tire has a raised date code top top the sidewall. The number starts with the letter “DOT” followed by 12 number in three four-digit groups. The date code is the third group of 4 digits. To decipher the day of her tires, the first two digits stand for the week the tires was produced, and the 2nd two digits stand for the YEAR.

For example, if your tire’s day code is 3217, that suggests the tires was made in the 37th main of 2017, or sometime in between September 11 and 17th the year.

Once tires go beyond five years old, it’s time to consider replacing them. Tires are comprised not just of rubber and also steel or kevlar belts, however chemicals that assist the tires withstand UV rays, temperature changes and a most other environmental hazards. Those chemicals start to malfunction after five years or so, and the tires aren’t doing the task that they have to do.

Why Not change with Original devices Tires?

You may pick to change the tires on your Corolla v the very same tires that came from the factory. Yes nothing wrong through that, but you may pick to adjust the tires or wheel dimension and kind depending on the type of driving you’ll be doing.

You only have to purchase ONE set of tires because that your vehicle every four years or so, relying on how much you drive. Once an auto manufacturer purchase tires, they buy them by the numerous thousands. For the manufacturer, the decision to choose a providers one brand or an additional comes down to a price point.

For you, your factor to consider may be completely different. If you might get a tire that quit 20 feet shorter for second $10 per tire over the original equipment, you’d probably do it. Similarly, if there was a tire that detailed less roadway noise or longer tread life for a minimal investment overstock, chances are, you’d probably decide top top the slightly much more expensive tire.


Changing Toyota Corolla tire Sizes

You may decide the the wheel on her Corolla require a change, either because that appearance functions or for helpful reasons favor needing a particular tire dimension that isn’t accessible for your existing wheels. Whatever the reason, there are a couple of things to save in mental when an altering your wheel sizes. It’s straightforward to move up or down in wheel size, yet the in its entirety diameter that when and tire together have to stay the same. This way that moving up native a 16-inch wheel come a 17-inch wheel is fine, but the tire sidewall size has to decrease to compensate. The exact same is true in reverse.

Downsizing wheels has actually its advantages. Services include:

Better drive quality – A fatter sidewall means more cushion for negative road conditions.Cost reduction – large wheel sizes average that tires are more expensive, so moving to a smaller sized wheel dimension will mean much less costly tire purchases.Seasonal changes – Winter and also snow tires are available for a larger selection of smaller sized wheel sizes, and also the narrow footprint will provide far better traction.Off-road – numerous people pick to downsize wheels for off-road use to increase the vehicle’s shock absorb capabilities and also bump traction on loose surfaces.

On the other side the the coin, going up in wheel size has actually its benefits:

Better handling – Slimmer file tires make for less rubber to move around.Better looks – This one’s subjective, but many human being feel that bigger wheels look far better than smaller sized wheels with an ext rubber.Better braking – Larger, broader wheels carry out a bigger job of rubber top top the soil to sluggish the vehicle, reducing braking distance.

See our recommendations for the finest Extended vouch for your Toyota Corolla

How to check out Tire Sizes

When reading tire sizes, it’s essential to know what the numbers mean. The Toyota Corolla LE’s P205/55 R16 all-season tires:

205 - shows the width of the tire from one sidewall to the other in millimeters. This tire is 205 millimeters wide.55 - indicates the aspect ratio, or sidewall height, together a portion of the tire’s width. In this case, it’s 55 percent or 112.75 millimeter tall.R - way radial tires. Radials are the many common form of automotive tire and also have towel woven in at assorted angles v a tread the is strengthened with added layers that rubber.16 - indicates the wheel diameter.

Now the you recognize what come on the new Altima and also how to review the size numbers, stop look in ~ the different species of tires available to you. Depending on the type of driving you doing, where you live, and the weather, you have actually a range of options for tires types:

Touring and All-season - tires carry out a smooth ride, good wet and dry traction, decent winter traction, and also longer tread life. These tires space acceptable because that winter use but can’t be meant to carry out the traction and also stopping power 보다 a specialized winter tires can.Performance tires - are focused on giving confident handling, better wet and dry traction, and a sporty feel. Their greater grip and also speed ratings come through a tradeoff of reduce tread life and also reduced ride quality.All-terrain tires - are constructed to maximize off-road traction and also provide an excellent durability overall. Your construction way more noise and less lull on the road, but winter traction and also tread wear are acceptable.Winter and also snow tires - space made v special rubber link that preserve grip and pliability as soon as temperatures drop. Lock are additionally built with special tread trends to maximize the vehicle’s capacity to start and stop on an extremely slippery roads.

Tire sizes By Year

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What is the best Toyota Corolla tires pressure?

Toyota recommended tires pressures that variety between 30 psi and 35 psi, depending upon the specific Corolla model and whether or no the tires are on the former or rear of the car. Her vehicle’s specific tire press recommendation have the right to be uncovered on a yellow sticker within the former driver’s side door jamb.

How regularly should I rotate my Corolla tires?

Rotating tires is more about the tire 보다 it is about the car. A typical rotation interval is somewhere between 5,000 and 7,000 miles, though certain cars and tires may readjust those number a bit. The Corolla is a front-wheel-drive car, which way that the prior tires are under more stress and may should be replaced more often if they’re not rotated properly.

What is the finest Corolla tire readjust kit?

Your Toyota Corolla should have come equipped with a spare tires and changing tools in the trunk. In this case, you already have everything you should physically adjust the tire, yet you may want to bring an extra roadside emergency kit through an upgraded lug wrench, jumper cables, and also emergency markers just in case.

How carry out I recognize what dimension tire is top top my vehicle now?

All that that details is contained in the information on the sidewall of your tire. The Tire sector Association provides an excellent guide come finding the tire size, the UTQG rating and also the day code of your existing tires at its website.

Are age and mileage the only reasons to replace a tire?

Absolutely not. There are numerous other reasons to replace your tires, mostly due to road hazards. Any kind of punctures, cuts or abrasions -- particularly in the sidewall -- need to be a factor to think about at least replacing one tire. If there are any bulges or other visible deformities in your tire, that’s when it’s time to ar a contact to change them.

Do I have to replace all four at once?

It’s always a great idea to, however it’s no 100 percent necessary. If you’ve acquired one tire that’s had a puncture and also the other three room in an excellent shape, yes no factor to replace all four. Tires rotation will become that much much more important, though, to allow the tread ~ above all four tires come wear more evenly.

Can ns mix and also match tire brands?

That’s not such a an excellent idea. If you’re walking to replace two tires, that a great idea to uncover tires the the exact same brand. If girlfriend absolutely need to mix and match brands, replace two in ~ a time top top the very same axle.

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