As is the situation with many automatic infection Volkswagen car the Volkswagen auto does not have an automatic transmission dipstick in the engine compartment. The transmission is a sealed unit and also it is encourage by the VW certified dealer to carry to them to have the fluid checked. And as is the case with many vehicles, who can constantly find a means to avoid having actually to walk to the dealer to pay your expensive labor repairs and also perform the work themselves. VW will certainly tell you that they should take the temperature that the fluid, and that the auto needs to it is in lifted and level. While leveling and also lifting the Volkswagen automobile is true, gaining the auto to regular operating temperature is every you really have to do before lifting it.

Under The Hood:

How to examine Transmission liquid in a Jetta

Drive the Jetta because that 10 minutes or so to heat up the transmission fluid. Avoid the car on level ground where you intended to work, and also place her foot on the brake. Change the shifter into each gear and also hold it over there for 3 to four seconds. Place the infection in Park.

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If you have accessibility to a elevator or a friend with a lift, then use it come raise the vehicle from the ground. Otherwise, you"ll have to use a floor jack come lift all 4 corners and also secure them on jack stands. It"s critical that the automobile remain level.

Locate the transmission and the 2 plugs. Top top the short right-hand next -- passenger next -- that the transmission you"ll watch the drainpipe plug. On the front, top left-hand edge you"ll watch the fill-check plug. Eliminate the fill-check plug an initial with a wrench; if the transmission liquid is up to level, a tiny amount will trickle out. Next, place a drainpipe pan under the drain plug and remove the plug. Permit the fluid to drain.

Install a brand-new drain plug and snug it under to around 22 foot-pounds v a speak wrench. The gasket on this plugs room single-use only; if girlfriend reinstall the old gasket, that will almost certainly leak. Use a hand oil pump, v one pipe in fresh tranny fluid and also the various other in the check-fill hole, to refill the transmission through fluid. It"s impossible to overfill -- simply stop when fluid starts to trickle out of the check-fill hole.

Install a new fill plug and snug it down similarly. Reduced the car, start it and also run the shifter through all the gear with your foot ~ above the brake, pausing for about five secs in each gear.

Items you will certainly need

Level ground

Lift (optional)

Floor jack

Four jack stands

Metric wrench set

Drain bucket

Hand oil pump

Transmission fluid

Torque wrench

New fill and drain plugs

How to examine the Transmission liquid in a Volkswagen Golf

Drive the Golf for 10 to 15 minutes to get it as much as operating temperature. Drive it right into the shop to be lifted. Switch the stick change through every the gears through your foot top top the brake and also hold it because that 3 secs in each gear

Place the Golf in "Neutral" and also leave the idling. Release the hood latch.

Lift and support the hood. Find the infection fill plug top top the engine block.

Set the lift posts on the rocker panels and lift the Golf every the way up.

Locate the transmission inspect plug top top the ideal (passenger) side of the Golf. It"ll it is in on the low finish of the transmission housing.

Place a drain bucket beneath the examine plug and remove the plug making use of a ratchet and also a 5 mm male hex head adapter. Fluid should trickle out really slightly and slowly. If so, the fluid level is fine. If not, add a very tiny bit of fluid at a time right into the funnel placed in the to fill plug. If you have actually to add fluid, lower the Golf down on the lift low sufficient to add fluid yet still high enough over the drainpipe bucket. Include a small fluid at a time and also check under until fluid starts come trickle out of the check hole.

Wipe the transmission real estate with a rag and replace and tighten the examine plug. Remove the drain bucket and also lower the Golf come the ground.

Remove the funnel and also replace the to fill plug.

Items you will certainly need

Long, thin-necked funnel (optional) Transmission fluid Ratchet and also 5 mm male hex head socket adapter drain bucket Shop rag car lift

How to examine the Transmission liquid in a 1996 VW Cabrio

Apply the parking brake, then turn the engine on. Depress the brake pedal and shift through each of the transmission"s gears several times to permit the transmission liquid to circulate.

Turn the engine off and climb under the driver"s side of the car.

Locate and also remove the plastic filler plug indigenous the driver"s next of the transmission, just above the transmission"s pan. The pan is located on the bottom of the transmission, and also is rectangle-shaped in shape. A lip surrounds the guideline of the filler plug. Insert the blade of a conventional screwdriver underneath the lip, then pry the plug out of the transmission.

Start the engine, then watch the filler plug"s opening on the side of the transmission. If transmission liquid can be seen progressively dripping out of the filler plug opening, the transmission"s fluid level is correct. Insert the plug right into the transmission, climate gently tap ~ above the height of the plug till it rests evenly against the side of the transmission. If no liquid exits the opening, fluid must be added.

Add transmission fluid through the filler plug"s opening. A hand-operated liquid pump is vital to include fluid. Screw the threaded installation on the base of the pump top top the container of brand-new transmission fluid. Insert the pump"s hose through the plug opening. Pump fluid into the transmission until fluid begins to drip out, climate install the plug.

Items you will need

Standard screwdriver

Hand-operated liquid pump

Transmission fluid

How to inspect the Transmission fluid on a 1996 VW Jetta GL

Drive the 1996 VW Jetta GL approximately for around 10 to 15 minutes to heat the transmission up.

Park the Jetta top top a level surface and also turn the engine off. Jack up the prior and earlier of the Jetta and also place jack was standing under the suitable front and also rear jacking points. This is come ensure the the car is level while checking the transmission fluid.

Carefully sit in the driver seat and also crank the engine up. Let the engine operation for around 2 come 3 minutes. Move the gear change through each of the gears a pair of times, then placed the gear transition back right into "Park."

Get the end of the car and slide under the center passenger"s next of the Jetta together with a drip pan. Locate the "Transmission liquid Check" plug ~ above the bottom of the transmission pan. The plug will certainly be within a recessed hole on the bottom that the pan. Ar the drip pan under the inspect plug hole.

Slowly loosen and remove the check plug with a ratchet and also a socket. As soon as the plug is loose, end up unscrewing the plug v your fingers. As soon as the plug is totally out the the examine hole, a little amount of liquid should trickle out of the hole. If so, the infection is complete of fluid. If not, the liquid in the infection is low. If no fluid trickles the end of the to fill hole, find the fill plug on the front side of the infection pan. The fill plug is the only other plug top top the prior of the infection pan.

Loosen and also remove the to fill plug. As soon as the plug is loose, finish unscrewing the plug v your fingers and place the plug top top the ground. On slide the finish of a tiny hose right into the to fill plug hole. Slide the end from under the car and insert the finish of a funnel into the other end of the small hose.

Begin putting the transmission liquid into funnel. Keep a examine on the infection fluid inspect hole while adding the transmission fluid. When the infection fluid begins to trickle out of the examine hole, stop putting the transmission fluid into the transmission and also remove the hose and also funnel indigenous the fill hole.

Screw the to fill plug and the check plug back into the infection pan. Tighten the plugs under snug v the ratchet and also socket. Torque both plugs under to in between 30 come 35 foot-pounds with a torque wrench and also a socket. Pull the drip pan the end from under the car and turn the engine off.

Jack the Jetta ago up and also remove the jack stands indigenous under the front and rear that the car. Reduced the Jetta back to the ground and also remove the jack.

Items you will certainly need


Jack stands

Drip pan

1/2-inch drive ratchet

1/2-inch drive socket set

Volkswagen infection fluid


Long plastic hose

Torque wrench

How execute I check the Transmission liquid in mine VW brand-new Beetle?

Manual Transmission

Park the vehicle on a level surface, climate raise it through the jack and support it same on jack stands. If the auto is no level, you can acquire an inaccurate analysis of the liquid level.

Unscrew the plug for the check/fill level. This plug is situated at the front side of the transaxle, when the drainpipe plug is located at the rear of the transaxle and also usually calls for a 17mm Allen wrench come remove.

Reach into the hole with your pinky finger and feel the level that the fluid. It demands to be near or at the bottom of the plug hole.

Add SAE 75W90 man-made gear oil to the transaxle with the fill hole making use of a syringe or squeeze bottle (if the transaxle needs fluid). Add the fluid slowly till it is at the exactly level, then reinstall the plug.

Automatic Transmission

Park the vehicle on a level surface and collection the parking brake. Revolve on the engine, move the change lever v all the gears and also bring it back to Park, then wait for instrument panel engine-temperature gauge to read between 95 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remove the level-check plug from underneath the car. The plug is situated along the bent edge that the transaxle case. The liquid is at the appropriate level if it just barely drips out. If no liquid come the end at 113 degrees, you require to include more.

Pry off the fill plug, i m sorry is located along the side of the case, utilizing a huge screwdriver, if the level-check plug still off. Add VW automatic transmission fluid in little amounts v a syringe until fluid starts dripping out of the level hole.

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Reinstall the plugs with brand-new seals. Friend may likewise need to change the cap on the fill plug.