I changed both fuses, the HDM relay, the headlight switch and checked both bulbs come no avail. All various other lights work consisting of parking and also high beams. What else might be the issue?

Hello, What fuses did friend replace and where was the ar of lock in her vehicle?Thanks, Alexstarrkingschool.net

Hello again, go you check Fuse #53(15A) HDM in the Under hood Fuse Box. This Fuse feeds the strength side the the Headlight Driver Module Relay then it splits into a parallel circuit feeding the left and also right headlights, climate each political parties headlights room fused again. I have contained a headlight circuit wiring diagram for you and also a diagram and callout for the Under hood Fuse box for your vehicle in the diagrams down below for reference. Please get earlier to us v what you space able to find out.Thanks, Alexstarrkingschool.net


ns swapped that fuse out and still nothing. I checked voltage at the plug and also I am gaining 12.1v. Ns unplug the bulb and replug that in v the move in the top top position, and the pear flashes on because that 0.5 seconds.
Hello again, Please inspect Ground #106 ~ above the lower left side of the engine. This is the ground for the HDM relay regulate side, i beg your pardon is the electromagnet that once energized traction the move closed and enables current to circulation to the headlights. Undesirable resistance here would reason current not to circulation to the lowbeam headlights. In the diagrams down listed below I have contained directions for Ground Inspection. Please go through them and get back to us through what you are able to uncover out.Thanks, Alexstarrkingschool.net
ns couldn't discover where the ground bolted come the engine, so i ran a new ground for the relay instead. Through the new ground the headlights still do not turn on.
i couldn't uncover where the ground bolted to the engine, so ns ran a new ground because that the relay instead. With the brand-new ground the headlights still perform not revolve on.
Hello again, Okay, for this reason you have 12.1 volts in ~ both the left and right headlights connectors where the bulb plugs into with the headlight switch on because that the short beam headlights?Thanks, Alexstarrkingschool.net
I only tried in ~ the vehicle drivers side light, yet seeing together they go out simultaneously I assume i will gain the same result on passenger side.
Hello again, might you please verify if you have actually battery voltage in ~ both the left and also right headlight pear connectors v the headlight move on for short beams. Likewise I to be able to find this Technical business Bulletin (TSB) that might or might not have bearing on what is walking on with your vehicle. I have contained it in the diagrams down below for you.Thanks, Alexstarrkingschool.net
that is gaining 12.2v in ~ the passenger connector. The lights room not flickering, they are not comes on whatsoever.
Hello again, Okay, let's begin from the beginning. In the diagrams down listed below I have consisted of a factory diagnostic troubleshooting guide for your headlamps. You re welcome go through this guide and get ago to us with what you are able to find out.Thanks, Alexstarrkingschool.net
electrical problem2004 Chevy Trailblazer 6 cyl 4 Wheel drive Automatic My short beam lights space not working. It"s no the fuse or the bulbs. What else need to I check?
Both that my low beams battered working. The fuses room fine and I changed the bulbs. Also, that seams mine high beams either quit working also or lock won"t come on during the day. I have actually the daytime to run lights.
there is a headlight relay in the under hood fuse box. Your bright lights will certainly only work when you put them on via her high beam switch.
My continual headlamps save going out. I have replaced the bulbs and the fuses are ok and the relays checkout. What else have the right to I perform myself to get them working again. I had a brake task 3 weeks earlier and the is when the difficulty began.
Welcome to the forum. Any kind of fuses the you checked, go you usage a testlite to examine that the fuse circuit has actually voltage as soon as it should? Also, at the relay/s, I"d have to inspect the voltage circuits, through a testlite. Through the short beam relay, voltage come the fill side of relay is hot all the time. The bcm sends voltage to the coil next of relay in order to energize. The ground for the coil is constant.
My low beam headlamps are not working. I have replaced the bulbs, confirm the fuses and also they space ok. The picture sensor top top the dash is working due to the fact that it transforms all the various other lights on. The overide move on the instrument cluster seems to be working. The high beams space working and also the fog lamps space working. Every the lamp on the automobile work other than the low beam lights. Is there some kind of relay that I can need come check?
Welcome to the forum, did you usage a testlite on the fuse circuit, to view if circuit is hot? My details shows different fuses because that left and also right low beams. The fuses space in the underhood fuse box. Also, there is a headlamp driver module relay in the underhood fuse box, I think that is for low beams. Examine voltage to pack side of relay and also to the coil next of relay. Voltage come the coil side of relay, may not be 12 volts, usage a digital multimeter to check.
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