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My GF just obtained a car dock for she Verizon Droid, she discovered Pandora and also wants to operation it with her manufacturing facility stereo. I"m pretty advanced when it comes to wiring stereo"s but I begin from scratch and have seldom started butchering a manufacturing facility wiring. Go anyone know just how to wire in one aux input? Thanks.
I am wondering the same question but concerning a 2007 Mercury Mariner through the audiphile system. Ns think girlfriend must first purchase and install the aux.- rca adapter which friend plug into a harnass the the stereo and also then you deserve to install a 3.5mm female jack come rca cable to the adapter. Climate you plug the mp3 player into the jack. Am i correct top top this? and also also, walk anyone understand which adapter i would have actually to get for the audiophile system?
Hello, I just bought a 2007 Mercury Mariner through the audiphile system, and also noticed the AUX button is disabled.I Looked on a few car radio internet sites critical night, and found they market "AUX entry adapters" for some OEM radios. Having a "satellite ready" receiver also changed things. Mine didn"t seem to be listed, together there were very couple of adapters listed after 2006.For now, I will wire-up a Delphi RF modulator that was produced the XM SKIFi auto kit. This will carry out an AUX intake thru the antenna connection. It is a tiny sensitive to input level, and it might be EQed for the SKYFi receiver - yet that"s what I want to hook up!Richard

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