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I"m having actually the same trouble on my 2005 WK as was defined on this various other post: Any tips on how to obtain the gloves box out? I"ve unclipped the arm on the right side, and got the hinge come lift the end on the best side, yet the left next hinge seems to be fully stuck and also won"t come out!

Excellent - give thanks to you. It was the protect against tab ~ above the left that was maintaining it native lifting. Correct order of work => success.
thanx i am going to must do that quickly my heat/ac vent w.e the part is the opens and closes breaks loud transforming it off and also on and also will not prevent until it breaks i guess: v lol

Thanks yall i put among those sticky traps to catch a mouse and the cursed mouse carried it off somewhere lol i cant uncover it hope pulling the glovebox out will solve the mystery.

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