Suzuki LTZ 400 Specs – Value, Weight, Oil and also Top rate | ATV Style

Suzuki’s Z400 ATV, likewise known as the LTZ-400, is a high performance all-terrain automobile in Suzuki’s well-known Quadsport ATV lineup. The Suzuki Z400 deserve it’s call of being an all-around peak performer by being equally exceptional on trails, sand dunes and on the gyeongju track. The Z400 provides ample four-wheel fun for the skilled rider.

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Key features of the Suzuki Quadsport z400 include aggressive bodywork v high fenders and specially designed waiting intake vents to boost airflow come the radiator. The Suzuki 400 ATV additionally sported a distinctive shade pattern, blue and also yellow (white likewise available), and also a the majority of optional high performance aftermarket Z400 parts were available.

From the Z400’s compact lightweight 398cc 4-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine to it’s lightweight, high tensile steel-alloy frame and also removable stole sub-frame this Suzuki ATV screams that fun.

Engine : 398cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, TSCCBore stroke : 90.0 x 62.6mmCompression proportion : 11.3:1Fuel System: Mikuni BSR36Lubrication : dry sumpIgnition : Digital/transistorizedTransmission : 5-speed, through reverseFinal journey : # 520 chainOverall length : 1830mm (72.0 in.)Overall broad : 1165mm (45.9 in.)Overall elevation : 1160mm (45.7 in.)Suzuki LTZ 400 Seat elevation : 31.9 inchesGround Clearance : 265mm (10.4 in.)Wheelbase : 1245mm (49.0 in.)Suzuki LTZ 400 load (lbs/kg) : 372 / 168.7Suspension Front: Independent, double A-arm, completely adjustable preload, compression & rebound damping, 8.5 customs of travelSuspension Rear: Linkage-type, gas/oil damped, completely adjustable feather preload, flexible compression cant damping, 9.1 inch of travelBrakes former : double hydraulic discsBrakes behind : solitary hydraulic discTires former : in ~ 22 x 7-10Tires rear : at 20 x 10-9Fuel Tank capacity : 10 liters (2.6 gal.)Color : Yellow, Whitez400 Oil volume and type – 2.2 Quarts that 10w40 oil

The Suzuki QuadSport Z400 all-terrain auto is manufactured by Suzuki and is designed for riders 16 years of period or older. In 2014 Suzuki quiet discontinued production of Suzuki Z400 ATVs. It is noticeable that the fixed appeal of next by side ATVs and utility ATVs has led come the decline in need for sports ATVs.

Suzuki z400 top speed is 70 MPH. Greater speeds have the right to be attained after installing high power parts however 70 MPH is the stock speed rating. Several factors greatly affect speed such together condition and tuning the the engine, altitude and also wind conditions.

Suzuki believes strong in safety and also offers to salary for driver training process to anyone 16 years or older wanting to take it them. They refer riders come a neighborhood Suzuki dealer and also arrange for the great to it is in taken, very few other types of products can to speak that about a manufacturer. Of every the ATV brands, Suzuki is a leader in gift proactive around safety.

The LTZ-400 ATV calls for 2.2 quarts that 10w40 engine oil. Part manufacturer data sheets point out 0w40 which functions just too but the general agreement is that, in warmer climates especially, 10w40 is the method to go. Fully synthetic oil is not forced unless high performance parts have upgraded the strength output of her z400 or if the has already switched come synthetic. When a readjust to man-made is make it’s not recommended that you alternate ago to consistent oil.

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ATV value is dependent on condition, age and also upgrades if any. Z400 MSRP averaged $5200 new and a provided z400 will be precious roughly half of the or less, unless it’s been exceptionally maintained and also upgraded. If you desire to valuate your z400 because that sale purposes you deserve to read much more about ATV values.