go it should be changed or v a scan tool? I recognize the older style GM ones indigenous the 1980's and 1990's had actually to be changed by hand. If it's a scan tool I will not have the ability to do it. So you re welcome let me know.

an excellent afternoon, The sensor is a plug and also play. There is no adjustment in ~ all.Why room you replacing it? carry out you have a code? If friend do, what is the code?Roy


good afternoon, i attached a picture for you. It is number 2 in the picture. It is ~ above the accelerator body itself. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize if you need anything else to gain the trouble fixed.

ns had acquired a diagnostic analysis on my car to figure out the trouble on my automobile its stated the tps sensor therefore I checked out my neighborhood auto components store ordered the tps because that my car and also now ns am trying to replace this part. Every little thing I have actually searched speak me the tps i am in search of should be on optimal of the engine or close to the throttle body. I have taken the accelerator body turn off thinking maybe it was located near or of sight yet I am still not finding the location. Please assist :) I viewed on multiple dare the location on numerous different species of cars and trucks yet on mine aveo I deserve to not find it.
Hello, The throttle position sensor is inside the accelerator actuator carry out you mean throttle pedal place sensor that is located at the gas pedal pivot. Below are guides and diagrams listed below to assist explain what you are looking for.https://www.starrkingschool.net/articles/how-a-throttle-body-worksCheck out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you require anything else to obtain the problem fixed.
I have actually a 2008 Chevy Aveo, and I recently readjusted the accelerator body per the OBD code (throttle body position sensor bad). Because then, the cruise control will no operate. Are the 2 problems related? I have actually a bad feeling that I changed a component with a non-capable piece.
yes they space related. If the is the one that belgons for the vehicle it might be just a fuse has blown top top the cruise or a relay is bad. Check that first.
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