Need to figure out i m sorry door is not working ideal .. Take it it to the dealership had it happen on mine 05 escape i think its referred to as a striker key in the door






One of the door ajar switches might be sticking. Below is a link which might be of interest in showing, (if you have the correct tools) exactly how to uncover a) i beg your pardon door move is bring about the problem and b) just how to rectify it.

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If you haven\"t got access to the equipment, shot spraying the door latches through a rust penetrator (mp40), as per the video and after opening and closing the door a couple of times check out if the frees increase the switch. Carry out one door at a time and also see if the trouble is gone, by check the state of her dashboard door open light v the doors closed. If that hasn\"t unable to do out, then relocate onto the next door, hope you should finally have the ability to work out which is the faulty one. If you have actually done every the doors, consisting of the boot/trunk/tailgate (depends wherein you are what you call it) and it is still arising you may have actually to gain an auto electrician to have a look in ~ the difficulty for you.

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Hopefully this is of part help.

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