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Former Circuit City

Freestanding previous Circuit City v dock high delivery, freestanding pylon sign with reader board, an excellent visibility come Highway 6 traffic and obtainable to the traffic light. Floor area can support a tiny freestanding pad.

Located directly in front of West Oaks Mall, through an accessibility drive to the Mall, ~ above Highway 6 in between Westheimer & Richmond.


repertoire Street cross Street website traffic Volume Year street
Richmond Ave Addicks Howell Rd 15,449 2018 0.12 mi
Richmond Ave Addicks Howell Rd 13,503 2015 0.12 mi
Addicks Howell Rd Parkhollow Dr 50,418 2020 0.17 mi
Richmond Ave Addicks Howell Rd 19,669 2015 0.23 mi
Richmond Ave Addicks Howell Rd 16,448 2020 0.23 mi
S Richmond Ave Richmond Ave 4,306 2018 0.27 mi
W Oaks Plaza Dr Addicks Howell Rd 1,014 2018 0.29 mi
Westheimer Rd Barker Oaks Dr 40,848 2018 0.33 mi
Westheimer Road Westheimer Rd 42,007 2020 0.35 mi
Westheimer Rd Addicks Howell Rd 41,610 2013 0.38 mi


Airport drive walk street
William P. Understanding Airport 46 min 29.9 mi
Houston George bush Intercontinental Airport 46 min 35.9 mi


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