Just got an used 3DS XL this day and already have a inquiry that ns hope you deserve to answer.

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I plugged it right into the outlet (the charger is not the initial one, just in case) and, while I'm utilizing it, the orange charging light keeps blinking intermittently (just choose an HDD led ~ above a computer), however it stops flashing as shortly as I put it into sleep mode.

The charging icon also keeps alternative between one orange battery, the power cord icon and also the customary blue symbol (the one that shows up while it's no plugged).

Is every little thing right or is simply me being paranoid? I'm also downloading part demos, so i don't recognize if the counts

EDIT: simply made this video describing the problem, probably it would assist https://youtu.be/q19vDjzIoHM


It shouldn't blink. Try reseating the battery, and if not you'll more than likely want to change it (or try a different charger).

What execute you mean, "Not the initial one" ?If you're using a third party charger rather of one officially licensed by Nintendo, this means two things: 1.your 3DS is at full charge and you're damaging the device a bit. 2. You've voided her warranty if you had actually any.What is happening is the your 3DS it s okay to full charge and stops charging, for this reason the light transforms off, however then it offers a bit of charge and also needs to be charging again, so the light turns ago on.If the blinking is bothering friend or you want to keep your 3DS in complete working order, usage the officially license is granted chargers; they room programmed better and the light won't swiftly come on and also the 3DS will just stay at complete charge.

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1 - Don't think that was fully charged, I provided it for just 2 hours and also it to be dead. The icon also showed about 50% battery left once I turned it on

2 - ns bought used, no warranties

Honestly, the trouble is most most likely the charger as opposed come the device itself. Your finest bet is come buy an officially license is granted Nintendo 3DS charger from a local retailer prefer GameStop. I newly bought a charger off of Amazon due to the fact that I necessary one that would affix to a USB harbor so I could charge ~ above the go, yet sadly Nintendo doesn't sell such a product. Ns bought one indigenous a 3rd party. ~ I had ordered it, I review online reviews and also a majority of buyers complained about the flashing charging light. Their problem is explained exactly together yours is. Ns haven't used the product yet, but I'm sure mine would execute the same. If friend bought that via an online retailer, girlfriend should definitely check evaluate of her product for this reason you can know because that sure. Anyways, charging using the main charger would certainly probably minimize your problem.