What the holy bible says about(From Forerunner Commentary)Ecclesiastes 6:9Ecclesiastes 6:9 is Solomon's version of the cliché, “A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush.” that is essentially saying, “It is far better to have small and purposely enjoy it than to dream around much and also never attain it.” A problem with dreams is that, all too often, they never come to be a reality. Thus, a sense of satisfaction and contentment remains unfulfilled. Solomon is no saying that is dorn to have a dream on i m sorry to spend our ambition, but that ours ambition need to be motivated for the glory the God and not the prayer of men—including ourselves. If us think material success will automatically produce this qualities, we space wrong.

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True satisfaction and also contentment comes once we carry out the will of God from the heart because that His glory. Once that happens, we acquire to re-publishing in genuine satisfaction. In man 4:34, Jesus says, “My food is to perform the will certainly of him who sent Me, and to end up His work.” David adds in Psalm 16:11: “You will display me the route of life; in Your visibility is fullness that joy; at Your best hand room pleasures forevermore.” the is genuine satisfaction and contentment. This verses reinforce the fact that satisfaction and also contentment in life is within a connection with God.

True happiness and these characteristics in life do not automatically result from “making a great living.” Rather, they room a blessed byproduct of make a great life v God as our Leader. If one devotes his life to doing God's will, satisfaction and also contentment will certainly be that is fruit.

John W. RitenbaughEcclesiastes and Christian living (Part Seven): Contentment
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