The component sticking out of the glass is seen v air. A student places a pencil in a glass that water and observes that the pencil appears to it is in broken. 1 decade ago. What reasons the pencil to look broken? This is why a pencil sticking out of a glass that water will show up broken. This is due to the fact that the light;- (Finish the sentence), A) speeds up as it move from water right into air, WHO ever ANSWERS first GETS A BRAINLY mark Stop crying. Which can not be a cross section of the figure? 3. The pencil appears to it is in bent. The following image mirrors a pencil submerged in a glass that water. What’s tricking your brain? The pencil shows up bent since of "refraction". 2. The pencil absorbs every the irradiate rays that hit it. D. Slows down as it move from water right into air, that does that because the light can"t travel as easily in the water as it go in the air, the light bends about the pencil, leading to it come look bent in the water. Part of a pencil that is inserted in a glass that water shows up bent in relation to the part of the pencil that ..? This is an example of _____. Choose the best answer from the choices noted t f, 2 technicians room discussing how to test a car"s exhaust by holding a small piece of document within an customs of the tailpipe mouth. What is the size of FF in the appropriate triangle below? youngsters science light experiment - Simply ar a pencil or straw in a glass of water and also look at it from different angles - walk it show up to it is in bent? The light waves traveling through the glass room refracted together the waves happen from air come water. This light ray transforms medium and also subsequently experience refraction. Mirrors the pencil top top the water"s surface. Why go a spoon or a pencil placed in a glass that water show up to it is in bent or broken? Q. As you sight at the section of the pencil that is submerged in the water, irradiate travels indigenous water come air (or native water come glass to air). How many liters that 60% alcohol solution have to be added to 40 liters that a 20% alcohol systems to do a 50% solution? …, then none of them acquire brainliest This is an instance ofa. 60 seconds.

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