Chat through your friends in real-time if taking under the next Lord the Chaos or simply hanging the end in her house! our chat functions a clever filter that forbids the use of inappropriate language and also our Moglin-safe serves enable for canned-chat privileges. Speak with other adventurers everywhere the globe and express yourself with the aid of plenty of emotes, too!



The entire chatbox can be toggled ~ above or turn off by click the triangle button.

Canned Chat


A version of communicating with various other players without having to kind out every sentence. Moglin-Safe servers only allow the canned chat function. Players deserve to construct sentences making use of our conversation hierarchy enabling a fun and safe multi-player environment.

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Chat Expand


The chat box can be increased to allow longer conversations come be perceived all at once. If you happen to miss out on what has been said, mousing end the chat box and also using a mouse scroll button will permit you to cycle through every one of the chat during your session.

Chat Channels


In Adventure search Worlds, we have three various chat channels: Public conversation ( /s ), Party conversation ( /p ), and also Private conversation ( /w ). Publicly Chat mirrors up as light blue text and can be viewed by anyone in the same room & map. Party Chat appears as darker blue text and can just be seen by those within the same party or group. Personal Chat (also known as Whisper) is purple text that can only be seen between two individuals. Remember: Mods deserve to see everything for this reason if you value your conversation privileges, think prior to you text!


If an additional player sends you a personal Chat or Whisper"s you, inputting /r will enable you to quickly respond to the player.

skip Players

If you ever uncover yourself in a case where you do not wish to hear indigenous a certain player ever before again, friend can kind /ignore playername. Your overlook list is situated within the alternatives menu. Girlfriend can additionally unignore a player via this menu or by inputting /unignore playername… however would you really want to?

Reporting Players

Not everyone in the civilization of Lore plays nice.

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This is why the “Report a Player” command was invented! Throughout her travels, if you view a player who is plainly a hacker, spamming the chat, harassing friend or an additional player, using profanity, or in some method breaking the state & Conditions, you have the right to Report castle by using these straightforward steps:

click on them to carry up your Character profile click their character Profile and also select “Report” on the drop-down menu choose the ‘Following/ “Griefing” one more Player’ option, and if necessary, entry the reason for the Report choose “Submit” when you room finished you have successfully made a Report!

You can also kind "/report playername" into the chat to do a Report ~ above someone, and follow the above steps 3-5. By report someone that is not complying with the rules of the game, you space helping do starrkingschool.netWorlds an ext fun because that everyone!