Missouri knife legislations easy to understand but they are not knife friendly. Many knives are allowed to own, but switchblades space illegal to buy, own or sell.

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However, the legal for one-armed people to very own switchblades with knives length of 3” or shorter. The legal to bring a legitimate knife other than in some locations such together schools.

Conceal bring is minimal except moving of continual folding bag knives that 4” blade size or much shorter concealed.​


Most that cities and towns in Missouri have their concealed carry laws which differ from the state laws. Few of these cities and also towns border the blade length to much less than 3.5” when others border to 2.5”.​


It’s legal come own and also carry different species of velvet in Missouri. The legal knives include; throwing stars, cram knives, cram axes, buck knives, pocket knives, dirks, bowie knives, stilettos, daggers, boot knives, swords, disguised knives, knife canes and anything rather apart indigenous switchblade.

If every the occupants cannot with a knife in a vehicle, climate it’s no carried and also therefore legal and also to accomplish this requirement, the blade demands to it is in stored in a locked container.

Switchblades room legal if a spring or detent is easily accessible which create a prejudice towards closure.


It’s legal to carry legal velvet in public. If a knife is not plainly recognizable and also visible by an approaching person, climate it’s claimed to be illegal concealed.

Switchblades space illegal, however, not wholly. Missouri uses the United claims Code when it involves a switchblade. The law enables those through one arm to own switchblades as long as the length of the blade doesn’t exceed 3” in length. In this case, the switchblade act as a energy knife once you nothing have one more hand.

There are few limits enforced on the size of a knife blade at Missouri State. Open up carry and knife ownership don't have a size limit. Conceal lug laws restricts the knife tongue to 4” while a one-armed individual may own a switchblade who blade no exceed 3” long.

Conceal Carry

Section § 571.030 the Missouri code forbids concealed bring of a knife. A knife is identified in section § 571.010 as any weapon or bladed device apart from the regular folding pocket knife which has a blade length not exceeding 4”.

According come United claims law, an ordinary pocket knife is a knife v its entire blade folding right into its handle, manually opened and has a single edge.

Other Knife regulations in Missouri

Lack the preemption rule in Missouri State renders carrying of velvet from one municipality to an additional tricky. Most ordinances use the state regulation while others place various blade length limits.


The Missouri knife regulations are fairly relaxed when it involves ownership that knives. One deserve to own any form of knife except a switchblade. However, you can still own a switchblade if it’s less than 3” long and if you have one arm. The knife laws also allow for open carry of legitimate knives.

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