Too perfect this punchline was.

Published6 February 2021

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Colin McGregor, the brothers of gibbs Ewan McGregor (who play Obi-Wan Kenobi), used the speak to sign "Obi-Two" in the royal Air Force.

One oft-repeated net rumor holds the Ewan McGregor, the actor that played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the “Star Wars” prequel trilogy, has a brother named Colin who provided the call sign “Obi-Two” when a pilot in the unified Kingdom’s royal Air force (RAF). 

This tidbit has been repeatedly mutual on society media sites, is had in IMDB’s trivia section, and also has also made it right into a couple of tabloids. Many commonly, perhaps, it’s shared in the form of a meme:


Ewan truly has a brother named Colin, and Colin to be truly a pilot in the RAF. However, we have not been able come find any type of evidence to support the claim that Colin supplied the call sign “Obi-Two” in an official capacity while serving in the RAF. In fact, it appears that this rumor started as a punny joke prior to it was mistaken for a genuine factoid about the actor and also his brother. 

The earliest posting the this joke that we could find to be posted in 2013 by Kevin Rubio, a filmmaker ideal known for making “Star Wars” parodies. From there, the was shared to the Aviation humor website. 

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When this tidbit is shared in earnest, the is commonly accompanied by one of two piece of “evidence.” One posting ~ above the “Today i Learned” ar of Reddit, for instance, was attached to a link to a Wikipedia post of “famous aviator nicknames.” together of this writing, however, that short article makes no point out of Colin McGregor or his an alleged “Obi-Two” contact sign. 

The various other piece of argued “evidence” points come a BBC routine entitled “The fight of Britain” that featured both Colin and also Ewan discussing the history of the RAF, Colin’s suffer as a pilot, and, of course, the miscellaneous British pilots that dealt with during people War II. The program, however, renders no point out of “Obi-Two”:

While we have yet to uncover any type of evidence the Colin offered the “Obi-Two” speak to sign in earnest throughout his time in the RAF, there is some anecdotal evidence that this may be the case. In 2016, for instance, Colin referred to himself as “Obi-Two” in a tweet directed at his brother: 


While Colin has actually used Obi-Two in casual humorous manner, we’ve yet to see any evidence the this to be his actual call sign in the RAF. We reached out to the royal Air pressure for comment and also will update this article if an ext information i do not care available.