The question eextremely gymnastics parent has at some point, but nobody talks around... To wear or not to wear underwear under a leotard? Luckily, we are here to aid and also great news is you have actually some options...

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Option Number 1: Confidence is Key

As you are dressing your little girl for gymnastics that day, you closely pick out their favorite princess undies and shimmy their vibrant leotard on. While you are sitting and watching your boy laugh and have a good time jumping on the trampoline at gymnastics, you notification that you have the right to check out Rapunzel from all the means throughout the gym. In this situation, confidence is essential. Let your son strut their stuff and also leave those undies to shine in all their glory.

Option Number 2: Athletic Shorts

If your boy is slightly self-conscience around their undies on screen, you can throw on some athletic shorts and also contact it a day. It’s finest to opt for tight fitting shorts and also leave the parachute pants for one more occasion.


Option Number 3: All About the High Rise

Tbelow is a specific kind of undergarment called hi-cut underwear. They are specially designed to reduced over the hip which happens to be perfect for leotards. You can order them digital or uncover them in a regional department save. These undies are usually designed for adults so pay one-of-a-kind attention to the sizing!

Option Number 4: Unitards

Unitards might not be the prettiest short article of athletic wear, however, they are incredibly convenient (and have the right to be pretty cute if you are under the age of 12). A widespread misconception is that leotards and unitards are identified. Well myth buster time, they actually aren’t! Unitards are leotards, BUT they have actually shorts attached to them to make the outfit into one piece rather of 2. Think of them as an athletic romper, or a spandex jumpsuit.


Option Number 5: Going Commando

When you are picking out cute bathing suits for your bit one you don’t problem for a second whether they have to wear undies via them or not. Since let’s face it, that would be just silly. So, think of leotards in the very same means. I suppose they practically ARE the exact same thing, so going commancarry out is just a herbal point to carry out.

Bottom line: You Do You.

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Unmuch less your little bit one is participating in a sanctioned competition, in which instance lose that underwear because gymnasts will gain a deduction if the judge sees them hanging out. Other than that, your son deserve to wear whatever before form of undergarment they feel comfortable in. At the finish of the day, nobody has the perfect answer, and it is all about what your kid feels comfortable and also confident in.