Thinking about setting up a quite campfire this year or getting rid of of some old hardwood by burning it off yet wondering simply how hot things can get? It deserve to vary rather a bit, yet let’s see how hot wood gets when it burns.

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There are plenty of different species of wood and also some burn at temperatures together low as 930 levels Fahrenheit (500 celsius) and others might burn together high as 2000 levels Fahrenheit (1093 celsius). The temperature deserve to be affected by a variety of things.

In this article, we will certainly talk more about the different things that influence a hardwood fire temperature, what temperature timber will ignite at, even if it is or no wood can melt or evaporate, and see what the mean temperature that a campfire is. Here’s what you need to know. 

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Table that Contents

What Temperature Does lumber Ignite? How hot Does a timber Fire Get?

What Temperature Does wood Ignite?


Wood experience a fairly facility process known as “pyrolysis” once it catches fire. the a three-stage process and permits the lumber to decompose effectively as the burns.

Firstly, at around 320 degrees Fahrenheit up to around 500 degrees, the timber will begin to burn and also you can see it adjust in a means that can not be reversed (char marks, cracking, shrinking, etc.) and also at some allude (anywhere above around 390 degrees) the hardwood will capture fire.

So, lumber ignites in ~ temperatures in between 390 levels Fahrenheit and also 500 degrees.

The following phase of pyrolysis is hotter and also the decomposition becomes an ext rapid and also begins to consume the hardwood at a decent rate. This take away place between 500 and also 800 degrees.

After that, you start to reach temperatures recognized as “burning furnaces”. Every the lumber at this phase should totally ignite and also the just residue should be a type of burn coal. 

This video clip illustrates the timber ignition process:

At what temperature does lumber ignite?
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What Temperature Does that Burn At?

The species of the tree has actually a many to execute with the “wood burn temperature” of the hardwood that the produces. No surprises, right?

Possibly the shortest temperature burn of any type of commonly obtainable wood is victor Ash which can develop flames of about 592 levels Fahrenheit.

At the other end of the scale, you have the mighty birch tree which is quite happy to develop a full-on inferno and also can burn at temperature of 1,500 levels or more!

As wood burns, it undergoes number of changes.

Firstly, a lot of the water weight starts to disappear as the water boils turn off – freshly reduced wood has around half its weight in water, hardwood that has been given a season to dry out, on the various other hand, has about a fifth of that weight together water content.

Wet timber burns through a lower temperature than dry wood. This is because some the the energy is being provided to convert the water come vapor quite than being funneled right into the flame.

Note: Water expands 1600 time its volume once it is heated and turns to vapor (steam) and also this permits it come absorb a ton the heat. That is among the reasons that water is so reliable at placing out fires.

You should additionally find the burning hardwood produces exhilaration – these room flammable gasses created by the burning process and they need oxygen to be present in order come sustain themselves.

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Then pyrolysis occurs and also the majority of the power in the lumber is exit in the kind of flame and also heat.