The Huntingdon coast metallers look ago at the spooky stand-out from their Avenged Sevenfold album…

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Remember the very first time you stuck on Avenged Sevenfold’s self-titled 2007 album and also that Danny Elfman-type track in the direction of the finish made friend go, ‘The fuck is this?’ before it made girlfriend go, ‘This is awesome’? Yeah, us too. If ever an Avenged song necessary some unpacking, climate A tiny Piece Of heaven is like taking 5 suitcases top top holiday, the contents of i m sorry you require immediately and all at once.

Good news then together the lads have defined exactly what they were thinking as part of their break down YouTube series. Helpfully, in ~ one allude guitarist Synyster entrances uses the hatchet “Goblin-metal”. Examine it out…

As for new music, the band have said that although the follow-up to 2016’s The phase won’t view the light of day till touring returns, they’ve however been busy “meticulously” working on it through lockdown, while also noting the “silver lining” of getting to spend much more time than common at residence with family.

“It has been extremely hard to document the way we want,” they defined via a blog post to fans. “For instance, the north room we compelled for the album was shut down as result of protests external the building for weeks. String sections and also outside musicians have still no been able to it is in recorded because of COVID-19 restrictions. We room not ready to sacrifice the sound we space going for to work around this. We will certainly wait. There room other concerns on the horizon however we room documenting it all for a later release as soon as we can tell the whole story. In ~ the end of the job it wouldn’t matter anyway. Us don’t feeling comfortable working on one album this long and also then publication it through no tour in sight. Part of the music we make demands to it is in expressed through live interaction.”

“The great news is we likewise feel recharged and stronger than ever as a unit,” castle continued, acquisition a more positive tack. “Just since we no updating anyone at every step doesn’t median that us aren’t working. The news gets tiring. Society media gets tiring. Everyone on the food chain fighting because that attention and relevance seems trivial. We have chosen to shut our mouths, dig deep and also give friend something that we feel can include to the collective human conversation.

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In ~ the finish of the work the music will come once it comes. Till then we hope you and your family members all stay safe and sane.”