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Avis auto Rental and its subsidiaries operate among the world’s best-known car rental brands with about 5,500 areas in more than 165 countries. Avis has a long history of creation in the vehicle rental industry and is one of the world’s optimal brands for customer loyalty. Avis is own by Avis budget Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAR), which operates and licenses the brand transparent the world.  

Quick History

Founded in 1946 by Warren Avis (who sold his interest in 1954), Avis was the very first company to rent cars from airport locations. The company grew rapidly during the 1950’s through franchised and corporate-owned expansion. In 1963, Avis presented the award-winning “We shot harder®” campaign and the tagline stays the company’s rallying cry also today. Ten year later, Avis introduced its put in order Wizard system, the company’s proprietary preventive technology. Avis changed ownership multiple times in the 70’s and also 80’s, ending up being employee-owned in 1987. That exact same year, Avis presented the Roving quick Return, a handheld computer terminal permitting customers come bypass the Avis counter. Two years later, the agency launched Avis Cares® a routine aimed at cultivating renter and employee safety. In 1996, HFS Incorporated gained Avis, which was then be crazy off together a separate public company, all however the franchising rights, sorcerer’s system, and reservation operations. In 2000, the company introduced Avis Interactive, the first Internet-based reporting system for commercial accounts in the vehicle rental industry, which was significantly enhanced and re-launched in 2006. In march 2001, Cendant copy, group purchased all of the impressive shares of Avis group Holdings and later the year moved its civilization headquarters come Parsippany, NJ. In 2006, Cendant Corp. Be separated into four independent companies: Realogy, Wyndham Worldwide, Travelport and also Avis spending plan Group, Inc., i beg your pardon is currently the parent company of Avis auto Rental. In 2011, Avis spending plan Group acquires Avis Europe plc. The transaction re-unites Avis budget Group with its licensee because that Europe, the middle East, Africa and also Asia.

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Rental automobile must be returned throughout office hours.NOTE: Some locations may have actually a crucial drop available. If the customer chooses to leaving the vehicle, the customer is responsible for the vehicle & every charges (including any damages the auto may have actually incurred during after hours) till the contract deserve to be closed on the following company day.If the ar does not have a an essential drop box, the ar does not permit vehicles to be left after closing hours.

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The customer have to never lock the keys inside the car. The customer will be charged a fee because that a locksmith to unlock the vehicle.


Avis is located in between Sutter’s Creek Blvd and also Independence Dr ~ above the southern side that Wesleyan Blvd.