Blowers space the most essential parts of an wait hockey table and also can likewise be the most expensive components. That is the heart and also soul of the air hockey table that produces the motion on the surface by producing an air circulation through the little holes in the top. The air that comes with the tiny holes in the surface allows the puck to easily float across the surface and permits the game to relocate at a quick pace. If friend have ever before tried come play the game with the blower turn off you will notice how sluggish the video game would it is in with simply a typical table. Many use a pan style referred to as a centrifugal design that is consisted of of inner angled chisels that rotate to pull in air and also force it the end in a certain direction.

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Differences in air BlowersGenerally speaking, the bigger and much better the table you have the more higher powered your blower will certainly be due to the fact that it will must move more air in order to attain fast play. Great models operation all the method up come $400 simply for this single part to replace on tournament grade models. The an initial way manufacturers cut down top top the expenses of wait hockey tables is to equip it v a lower voltage motor the doesn"t have huge blades and thus moves much less air. This reduced air flow is then linked with a much shorter table length and also smaller vs. Larger pucks to even the video game out in ~ this smaller sized scale. Something under a standard tournament top quality 8 feet in length table is do to alleviate some that these prices for consumers. Us realize that no everyone wants to location an 8 foot design in their home and most human being aren"t collection out to become professional players, for this reason this information is plan to make you knowledgeable around the differences in blower pressure but you at some point need to decide what you space looking for. If you are in search of a table for her children, a much more compact model can be the right fit because that you. Once you should replace a blower, friend will just need come make sure you find a comparable size motor together the original so that produces an equal amount of pressure under your puck.
Clean your Air Blower and Filter AnnuallyAs component of the constant maintenance once a year friend should examine your blower to check out if there is dirt and debris building up about your motor. This need to be done particularly when you an alert lower flow and slower activity on the surface. Since it is meant to move air right into the unit and up v the feet in the tabletop, it often accumulates dirt as it passes through. Few of the nicer models also have air filter that room intended to catch this dirt and you deserve to remove the to conveniently improve the circulation of air. Us recommend using an waiting compressor or can of compressed waiting to flush the dirt the end of the motor and filter.

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Girlfriend can also use a microfiber cleaning fabric to wipe the dirt turn off the motor. If your filter is grey even after friend clean it, you have the right to take it to a regional hardware store and also find a replacement filter the matches the exact same dimensions.