Responsible boaters know that every time they ar a vessel in the water, they danger polluting the marine environment. Store the waters clean by following both the federal and also state laws that space in location to protect the environment from litter and Aquatic Nuisance varieties (ANS).

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The spread of Aquatic Nuisance species (ANS) posture a risk to Idaho’s native aquatic wildlife, ecosystems and all of Idaho’s water-based recreation. Idaho’s most common ANS include Quagga Mussels, Zebra Mussels, Eurasion Watermilfoil and brand-new Zealand dirt Snails. The zebra mussel is a small, strip shell, and also the Eurasion Watermilfoil is a long, special floating weed that sometimes has a pink flower (between June-August). Both of these Aquatic Nuisance varieties attach themselves to watercraft hulls and also to watercraft motors.

Unfortunately, ANS spread conveniently from one human body of water come the next. The Idaho legislature has actually passed The Idaho Invasive varieties Act the 2008. 


Enacted ANS state laws:

It is illegal to introduce aquatic invasive types into Idaho waters.

It is illegal to buy, distribute, sell or own ANS, uneven you have a permit from the Idaho room of Agriculture, or, you meet other distinctive requirements mentioned in the Idaho Invasive varieties Act.

If you hurt these laws, you will do it be guilty of a misdemeanour through a fine as much as $3,000 and/or approximately 12 months imprisonment.

if there is apprehension of invasive species Idaho authorities are allowed to inspect both public and also private land and also waters. Authorities such as the manager of the Idaho department of farming must detect and also destroy them.

In the state of Idaho, boaters must proactively prevent the spread out of ANS. Your watercraft could it is in infected there is no you even knowing it! Therefore, as a preventative measure, perform the complying with actions every time your boat leaves a waterway:

Look very closely for ANS and also remove anything friend find!

Drain every one of the boat’s materials on land prior to you trailer the watercraft away. This has the bilge, motor, live well and any bait buckets (live bait is illegal in most of Idaho’s waterways!)

Wash, rinse and also air-dry her boat before leaving the area.

Idaho calls for boaters to acquisition an Idaho Invasive species Fund (IISF) decal from the Idaho room of Agriculture, former to watercraft operation top top Idaho waterways. This decals generate funds that go directly into Idaho’s ANS prevention programs.

This consists of all motorized boats (both registered and from the end of state) and all human-powered craft (i.e. Canoes, kayaks and also rowboats). Inflatable, human-powered craft the are much less than 10 feet in length are freed from this decal requirement.


Idaho’s Waste handle Laws

It is illegal come dump refuse, garbage, or plastics right into federally controlled or state waters. Save trash in a container on board and place that in a appropriate receptacle on shore.

Federal regulation requires you to screen a 4 x 9-inch placard (sign) on any type of vessel 26 feet or longer. The must notify passengers and crew about discharge restrictions. 

You are not forced to have mounted toilet on her vessel. Many civilization use portable toilets and also dispose the the waste in ~ a windy launch that has actually a pump-out station.

For outings, equip your vessel with toilet facilities. Visit for a list of pump-out and sanitation sites.

If her vessel does have an installed toilet, federal regulation requires a U.S. Shore Guard-certified marine sanitation device (MSD) the is working properly.


Types of MSDs

Type I and also II MSDs treat waste with special chemicals to kill bacteria. If you have a type I or II MSD, it must have actually a stop tank for untreated waste and “Y” valve. The valve should be secured in a closed place while operating in U.S. Waters.

Type III MSDs provide no treatment and are either holding tanks or portable toilets. Built up waste should be take away ashore and also disposed the in a pump-out terminal or onshore toilet.


Discharge the Oil and also Other Hazardous Substances


It is illegal come discharge oil or hazardous substances.

You room not permitted to recording oil right into the bilge the the ship without means for proper disposal.

You should dispose that oil waste at a agree facility. On to chat vessels, a bucket or bailer is enough for short-lived storage. 

If on federal waters, and your vessel is 26 feet or longer, you must display a 5 x 8-inch placard close to the bulge pump switch. The placard need to state the federal Water Pollution regulate Act.

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