In 1934, Bell & Howell introduced their first amateur 8mm movie projector, in 1935 the Filmo straight Eight camera, and in 1936 the Double-Run Filmo 8. The 1938 Kodak cassette hold 25 feet the Double-Eight film was taken by the Filmo Auto-8 in 1940.

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Bell Howell 8mm Projector value and also price guide

What"s her Bell Howell 8mm Projector worth, or what would certainly you mean to pay? here are some recently sold items through prices.

Camera Title day Sold for
Bell Howell director Series double Letric 8mm...11/2021$199.95
Bell Howell Director series 8mm film Projector...09/2021$99.99
Condition Bell Howell 467z 8mm super 8 Projector W...09/2021$125.00
Bell Howell Autoload 466a 8mm super 8 Film...11/2021$99.99
1960 S Bell Howell model 255a 8mm Autoload...10/2021$149.95
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I have actually an initial Bell & Howell 8mm Projector model 625 in its original box and also instruction manual. Any kind of one interested in make an offer. Was uncovered in storage in our Scout Hall.

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I need the small nylon i will call this a nut to keep the prior spool pole on the arm, the is tiny and also have lost this it is not a big as a pencil eraser.
are girlfriend interested in purchase a Bell & Howell Lumina II TX37. In package with the initial Styrofoam.
I have three old 8mm movie projectors. Ns don"t know what to execute with them. They are not working. Ns look in ~ ebay and seems alot that people shot to sell and apparently not sold. I have Bell & Howell 346A, Bell & Howell design 256 and Revere Camera company model 80. Any suggestions?