LMFAO is a family members act: Redfoo is SkyBlu"s uncle. Redfoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy) is son of Motown label founder Berry Gordy and Nancy Leiviska, a music video director and also writer. SkyBlu (Skyler Gordy) is Berry Gordy"s grandson, through his kid Berry Gordy IV and also his mam Valerie Robeson. The tape signed to Motown sister record label Interscope in November 2008.

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LMFAO released the Party rock EP ~ above iTunes ~ above July 1, 2008, then released the full album Party Rock on July 7, 2009. The album charted at #33 on the Billboard 200 and number 2 on the united state Dance chart, regardless of being described by the Los Angeles times together "14 practically interchangeable odes come night life." The duo"s an initial single, "I"m in Miami Bitch," likewise known together "I"m In Miami Trick" in the clean version, peaked at #51 ~ above the Billboard hot 100 chart.
LMFAO"s songs have actually been used extensively on fact shows. A remix the "Bass absent in Miami" created by DJ/Producer DJ Inphinity was offered as the theme song for E!"s Kourtney and Khloe take Miami, if "Get Crazy" was offered as the layout for MTV"s Jersey Shore.
The duo to be featured top top MTV"s The genuine World: Cancun in respectable 2009. The present covered the band"s illustration in Cancun during spring break 2009.
The duo showed up as guest on the very first elimination show of the 13th season the Dancing v the Stars on September 20, 2011.
In February 2010, SkyBlu was associated in an altercation with US politician Mitt Romney. The rapper claimed that when on an airplane during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Romney struck him indigenous behind, putting a "vulcan grip" top top his neck. SkyBlu was escorted turn off the aircraft by authorities.
Redfoo is a previous brother-in-law the Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson"s older brother, and is additionally an uncle the Jermaine Jackson, Jr. He is likewise a former day trader and has been featured ~ above CNBC"s foolish Money with Jim Cramer.
The duo initially went with the surname Sexy Dudes (or Sexe Dudes). Castle told shave magazine that their grandmother"s reaction to the name was the reply, "lmfao," motivating their brand-new name.
Redfoo thrived up living through his mother, but constantly maintained a partnership with his famous father, visiting him on vacations and also living through him for a brief time. The met plenty of of the Motown stars in his youth, consisting of Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson and Michael Jackson.
Redfoo started cultivation his afro in 1995 after ~ hearing a lyric in the track "Ya Lil Crumbsnatchers" by Del the Funky Homosapien the goes, "Let my hair thrive like a plant."
The good PretenderThe Platters

The Pretenders are named after the 1956 tune "The great Pretender" by The Platters.

Candle In The WindElton man

Marilyn Monroe is the topic of Elton John"s "Candle In The Wind," but the song is really a look at exactly how we react to celebrities who die young.

Afternoon DelightStarland Vocal tape

The Starland Vocal Band gained the title "Afternoon Delight" indigenous the late-afternoon appetizer food selection at the restaurant Clyde"s that Georgetown in Washington, DC.

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will certainly Be, will certainly Be)Doris job

"Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will Be, will certainly Be)" was written for Doris job to sing in the Alfred Hitchcock movie The male Who Knew too Much.


The Squeeze tune "Tempted" is one of their couple of with lead vocals by Paul Carrack, who sang the Ace song "How Long" and was in Mike + The Mechanics.

that LadyThe Isley brothers

The Isley Brothers" "That Lady" was sampled through Kendrick Lamar because that his 2014 single "I." Lamar turn up in ~ Ronald Isley"s residence to personal ask permission to borrow from the song.

Colbie CaillatSongwriter Interviews

Since emerging from MySpace with her hit "Bubbly," Colbie has become a peak songwriter, also crafting a hit through Taylor Swift.

80s video clip Director Jay DubinSong creating

Billy Joel and Hall & Oates hated making videos, for this reason they determined a manager with similar contempt because that the medium. The was Jay Dubin, and also he has a lot to say ~ above the subject.

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Billy Steinberg - "Like A Virgin"They"re playing My tune

The first of Billy"s five #1 hits to be the song that moved Madonna to stardom. You"d think that would get you a backstage pass, wouldn"t you?

woman Singers of The 90sMusic Quiz

The ladies who ruled the "90s in this quiz.

Richie McDonald that LonestarSongwriter Interviews

Richie talks around the influence of "Amazed," and how his 4-year-old kid inspired an additional Lonestar hit.

Dave Pirner of spirit AsylumSongwriter Interviews

Dave defines how the video appropriated the an interpretation of "Runaway Train," and also what he assumed of obtaining parodied by monster Al.