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I"m sure it would certainly be fine. Particularly if it fits your needs.I wonder the same with mine 338, so i went 23". To add odd numbers seem to fit right here

26" will gain the many out of the cartridge. I heard somehwere that you shed approx. 25-30 fps for every customs reduced below 26". Don"t know it that"s true or not, as I have never chono"d one v a much shorter Bbl. 보다 26".Best,JM
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26" will acquire the most out that the cartridge. Ns heard somehwere that you shed approx. 25-30 fps for every customs reduced below 26". Don"t recognize it that"s true or not, as I have actually never chono"d one through a shorter Bbl. 보다 26".Best,JM
fastest 7 Rem mag ns have ever owned to be a 1995 mode 70 SS standard with a 26" barrel. That shot commonwealth Premium 160 grain(factory load) partitions end 3100 fps. The problems the work of the reading were temps in the high 90"s and 100 % humidity(central Florida) . Because that time ns have had 24" tubes on every my 7 rem mags. The 24" tubes with the correct 160 gr tons are in the mid 2900 range. Ns was getting 2850 wh 7828 160 gr partition out of a remington 700 KS chambered in 280 Rem. All will work.
Mine is 23" and also at times ns wish that it to be 24 or 25". Once I put together a 280AI i left the barrel at 25" and also it is much much more pleasant to shoot and also the velocity between the 2 is very similar. If no sure begin long and cut earlier after you have actually used it for awhile and are certain you want it shorter.
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I"ve had "em in 24" and 26" lengths. Existing 7mm mag is a Ruger Number One through the 26" tube - i really choose that rifle... Preferred load over the years is a 160 gr bullet at 3000 - 3100 fps, return I"ve used heavier and also lighter as well. Through a high-velocity smallish boring magnum, a 24" barrel, or longer, simply seems to make sense. Regards, Guy
Well friend just finish up v a 280 with a many noise and also recoil. Execute it if you desire to, the video game is not going to treatment all that much. If ns was walking to carry out that, ns would just shoot a 7 x 57 that i have. The 7mm RM is ideal with a 24 come 26 inch barrel in my opinion.
I would agree 7mm Rem is in ~ it"s finest with a 24" come 26" inch tube. Yet it"s your rifle, carry out what floats your boat. When building my 7mm Rem ns went center of the road at 25"....
I"ll agree through the others. 22" will certainly be louder and also velocity will be less yet not noticeable on game. I prefer 26" barrels ~ above magnums and don"t find them cumbersome yet my present 7mm mag has actually a 24" barrel. That shoots itty bitty groups and also my pack matches mine ballistic reticle perfectly the end to 600 yards so ns am happy together the proverbial clam.
cooperfan,If you want more noise 보다 a typical 7 Mag and also the very same performance together a .280 Remington go for it. A 22" barrel will still have the "impress factor" once you tell folks, "I have actually a 7 Mag." and also the video game wont know any difference.But the barrel will recognize the difference and also will stay out quicker than a .280 walking the same velocity.
Yes - too short. Diminishing returns are realized listed below 24" in velocity. I"d sooner have actually a lighter .280 or .270.
I have had 7 mags in 26", 24" barrels and also my current 7mag is 23", If ns were to build another one this day it would certainly be 23". As far as noise, when I"m in ~ the selection I use ear plugs, as soon as shooting game I never notice the noise. And I deserve to assure girlfriend it is much faster then any kind of 280 remington, i beg your pardon I have owned in 22", 24", and also 26" barrels.

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Yes--especially if you want to store your hear semi-intact.....Plus, at 22 inches not lot diff 보다 a 280Rem.Casey
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